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As years went by, I felt more and more comfortable living in the US, and my love for this country and its people grew. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life and become an American Citizen eventually, but I wanted to become one for the right reason. I did not want it to be based on how many years I had been living here or any other "outside" pressure. My right reason was

simply based on one question: "Which country truly feels like home?" For the longest time my answer to this question without any hesitation was "Germany,” which clearly showed my heart was still there. I experienced a period when I felt somewhat lost in between two countries, not knowing where I belonged.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

After living in the great State of Texas for a few years, the day finally came. I was asked by a friend what country I would call "home," and without any second thought I said "Here in the US! I love Texas." The same week, I completed the lengthy Application for Naturalization Form. Finally submitting this form was a huge step for me, and it was such an amazing feeling to have a place to truly call home again. Citizenship would make my “belonging official.” I would be HOME.

American Civics, Not for the Faint of Heart

A couple of months after submitting the form, I received my biometrics appointment to confirm my identity and to have the necessary criminal background check completed. During this appointment, I was provided with the study material for the Naturalization Test, which entails a Reading, Writing and Speaking portion as well as a Civic Test. I was pretty confident about my reading, speaking, and writing skills, but realized quickly that the Civic Test would definitely required some studying. I was also curious to find out if Americans would know most of the answers to those Civic

questions. After testing a few "volunteers" it was obvious, the US would have a few less citizens if their citizenship would be dependent on this test. You can take the test yourself via the following link.

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