MSEJ July 2017 - Page 17

Results: Through the assistance I received, I was promoted from part-time to full time at Lowe’s and given a better position. After three years at Lowe’s, I was hired at Bank of America as a Mortgage Loan Officer. This position was sent to me by Lina Irizarry, several months before I was hired. Now, I’m the only Mortgage Loan Officer certified as a Spanish speaker in the district of Maryland, certification that was provided after I completed the test perfectly. I also possess the NMLS (National Mortgaging License System) certification.

Value of Experience: I couldn’t be more thankful for the support I’ve received through the years from MSCCN.

I have received unlimited education and resources, and the dedication and passion of all of the people involved in this organization has made this an amazing experience. Every person I’ve worked with has helped me to grow professionally and gain confidence in my English.

I truly appreciated being a part of this group. All of the help I received contributed to my gaining the position and career that I enjoy today.

Because of my experience, I’ve decided to help other military spouses here in Maryland, and am dedicating my volunteer time to assist them with getting relocated, finding a job, job preparation and education, and finding the passion in their career to be successful in our military life. I will continue the cycle of supporting and giving back to our military community.

MSCCN works with military spouses and dependents on their short term and long term career goals.

We are here with you for what comes now and what comes next.

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