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In the Army, Captain Bobbi Wells commanded a supply company responsible for refueling the 3rd Armored Division in central Germany. She loved her work, because it pushed her to move beyond her comfort zone to places she never would have imagined—like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. As she planned to transition, however, she wondered if she could find an opportunity that would push her just as hard, challenging her notion of what is possible.

Wells found that the answer was "yes" when she took a position with FedEx, where she is now the Vice President, Safety & Airworthiness, Air Operations. This role draws on many of the skills she learned in the Army, as well as those she learned from her father, who pushed her to never give herself too many boundaries. As she guides the global Safety & Airworthiness team, Wells sees her place as a part of a larger history of women working in aviation. Though it hasn't always been the easiest path, it's been rewarding and worthwhile; she, like so many before her, just had to "invite [herself) in the door." We were honored and delighted when she offered to share lessons and wisdom she's learned along that journey.

CASY & MSCCN: What led you to FedEx? Where do you see the most similarities and differences in your work in the Army and your work for FedEx?

Bobbi Wells: I participated in a program called Training with Industry and was assigned to FedEx for a year. I was very fortunate because FedEx was my first choice among the companies participating in the program at the time. I spent a year with the company and loved the way FedEx took care of its people, its passion for service and the high integrity

of everyone I met. It was the first time I thought I could be part of an organization outside of the Army. I didn’t know I would find the same values in a corporation we enjoyed in the service. That was very important to me. |

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From Army Fatigues to FedEx:

Bobbi Wells on Opening the Door

By: Emilie Duck