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How You Can Help the Military Community

What "Free" Costs

By: Erin Voirol

At CASY & MSCCN, we pride ourselves on providing our services to the military and Veteran community for FREE. But that doesn’t mean our services don’t have a monetary

value. They do, but, because of generous funding and support from our donors and partners, we are able to erase the price tag from our services for our job seekers.

That’s how we want to keep it, of course, but it’s important that job seekers understand what free services cost and the value of what they are getting. And it’s equally important that job seekers understand how to help us keep those services free for others in the military and Veteran community.

So, here’s some real-world information on what our services might cost you if you bought them in the private sector:

Resume Writing: A resume package would cost you anywhere from $100 to $500, and federal resumes often only START at $500. If you are looking for executive level work, there’s a good chance that $500 is the minimum you would pay.

I want to be clear—we don’t write your resume for you, but we teach you how to write a better resume and we help you edit and update it so that it’s targeted to the jobs you want to pursue. With resume writing services, you pay for a resume; they don’t share their trade secrets with you. CASY & MSCCN ensure you understand how to write the resume. You know, teach a man to write a resume, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Career Coaching: Our employment specialists often mentor and coach our applicants as they decide what to do next, what they want, and what they need to support their families. A career coach comes with a hefty price tag; estimates put their charges at $175- $200 per hour long session.

Cheerleading: Ok, professional cheerleader pay is quite low in the NFL. $50-100 a game. Still, one of the traits our successful job applicants regularly commend in our team is how encouraging, inspiring, and just in their corner we are.