MSEJ July 2016 - Page 16

Congratulations to Beth Barter,

CASY & MSCCN’s Outstanding Volunteer!

A Veteran and military spouse, Beth has volunteered in CASY & MSCCN’s training department since November 2014.

During her time at CASY & MSCCN, Beth has been an integral part of the training group. She always provides sound advice, has developed live and self-paced trainings, and is an amazing team player.

Amy Rossi, Director of Communications & Training, praised Beth’s commitment to our military community and CASY & MSCCN, noting that “Beth has been an exceptional asset to our organizations and the military community we serve. Her dedication to our

mission is equal to that of full-time, paid staff. Not only did Beth excel at the tasks she completed, but she also exceeded our expectations by going the extra mile with every project she worked on.”

Beth will receive a certificate of recognition as well as a small token of our gratitude for her support of our mission.

As Beth finishes her time with CASY & MSCCN, she will be looking for paid training opportunities. Connect with Beth through her LinkedIn Profile: