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If you are interested please send your resume to Bianca Nafpliotis, Career Corps Volunteer Program Coordinator at



CAREER GENERALIST: You are an ER Nurse, and you want to be Nurse Educator and teach at the local college. Again, pretty easy, look for teaching positions and make sure that you include training you have led in your current position.

CAREER SWITCHER: You are an ER Nurse, but you want to be a special education teacher. This is a more complicated scenario: research what the requirements are for teaching in your state and determine how you are going to get them. Once you’ve earned

them, you can more clearly identify your job search goal (districts in which you want to work for instance).

CAREER Multi-Track or Undecided: You are an ER Nurse; you are burned out and dislike it; you will take anything out of the medical field, or you want to be a nurse practitioner, but need more education. This is the most difficult plan, and requires a Gap Analysis, compromise, patience, and a multi-layered career plan.

So, the short answer is, there is not a clear path or answer for your question. It requires research and a job search plan based on how you want to travel to your new career. Usually the fastest methods cost more, and the more variables (or career choices) you include will increase your research time, cost, and overall transition time. Attached is a smart goal job search plan… if you are still having trouble creating a plan work with your employment specialist or attend our job search training.