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Congratulations, Christin!

After working with MSCCN for 8 months, Christin was hired by the Department of the Navy.

Hiring Challenge: I was re-entering the workforce after raising my children for the past 10 years. My greatest challenge was being able to convey that my skills were still relevant in today’s market, even after completing graduate school last year. As a military spouse it's a challenge to advocate that I should be viewed as an asset, even though my work history has been filled with positions ranging from temporary employment to employment across multiple industries in multiple states.

Assistance Received: I received assistance with resume design, and how to streamline my resume to appeal to hiring managers. Targeting my resume was something I struggled with for a while, but I was able to finally understand what employers are looking for with the generous help of my consultant (Jenna Weakly). The live training sessions provided immeasurable aid; while I knew some of the material, being able to converse with a professional (Amy Rossi) with so much experience helped to provide incredible insight. Interview techniques from my consultant were also vital, and they helped me to realize the mistaked I'd made in past interviews.

Results: Once I put together all the tips and insights I gathered from the program, from targeting my resume to interview behaviors, I was presented with two job offers.


Value of the Experience: The program is extremely helpful when it comes to the resume/interview aspect of looking for a new career (or, in my case, re-starting a new career). But the content of the program alone isn't the only star. The individuals at MSCCN provide additional support when you need it the most. There were times when I thought I’d never receive a job offer, but my consultant helped me to remain positive, and she reminded me how much of an asset I am. They really do care about their customers, and genuinely want to help contribute to the overall success of those members! This is how MSCCN stands out and surpasses other organizations of its kind.