MSEJ April 2016 - Page 21

Wellevance is a social venture connecting people, community, and products to inspire others to live a balanced lifestyle and create positive change in the world. My vision is that individuals who have happy and fulfilling lives will reach out to help others in their communities. I have a simple, yet powerful social change theory: people helping people makes the world a good place. Wellevance is more than a business to me. It has given my life meaning.

In addition to Wellevance, I serve as the Program Director for Milspo Project, a non-profit with a mission of empowering the military spouse entrepreneur community with the tools and skills to succeed in business and life. My goal is to support military spouses through Wellevance outreach programs and Milspo Project entrepreneurial guidance. I hope to help fellow military spouses find balance and fulfillment and earn an income of their own.

Although my journey to entrepreneurship was not exactly glamorous, I am grateful to have found fulfillment and flexibility. Our transient lifestyle certainly brings additional concerns to business ownership, but I feel more confident and secure knowing that I have created something of my own. I have found my sense of purpose and am enjoying being the driver of my life!

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