MSEJ April 2016 - Page 11


Did you know CASY was named best in class by the Call of Duty Endowment?

Congratulations, Sandy!

I was trying to find Senior/Executive level employment with little to no established local network while translating military skills and experience without having Civilian Certifications. I had to deal with preconceptions and stereotypes about age and military service while also coming to grips with how the Federal government hires employees, a process that I managed for the last 10 years of my military career.

I was busy searching for employment in St Louis. I found myself becoming a professional interviewer. I was getting calls left and right for interviews, but no job offers. I sought CASY assistance to bridge that knowledge gap, get some additional training, and enhance my local network.

CASY & MSCCN recognized the value of my established Veteran network and hired me as a Recruiter Connect Specialist after one phone call. Not long after that, I was promoted to Program Manager for Troops to Transportation and Logistics (T2TL).

I am a skeptic, and I will be the first to tell everyone I can do this on my own – that I do not need help. I could not have been more wrong.

CASY & MSCCN can HELP ALL Veterans and Spouses! The value of the professional relationships that CASY & MSCCN use to find Veteran/Spouse employment opportunities is priceless.