Mr.&Mrs. Issue 03/March 2014 - Page 11






Pro: Divorced – You’re much more of a team player and are better at compromise which will come in handy for future relationships.

Con: Divorced – Being accustomed to having someone else ‘split the load’ may leave you too reliant on others to help you out. You may have to re-learn basic things that your spouse used to take care of.

Pro: Single – There is a lot of flexibility in what you may think you are looking for in a spouse. Sure, it’s good to know what qualities you want in a mate but since you have no ex-husband to compare to, you’re pretty much a clean slate!

Con: Single – You don’t know what it’s like to have someone to build all your hopes & dreams with. Everyone should have goals in life & it makes things a lot easier when you have a partner that can help you accomplish them.

Pro: Divorced – You know exactly what you’re looking for in a mate which means you are more likely to find these qualities in your next relationship pretty quickly. Men like women who know what they want (and some even like it when those women go after it!).

Con: Divorced – Having good sex with your husband is great! But once you put yourself back out on the market you have to decide whether or not to engage in sex with new people or simply abstain. With so many diseases going around, it can be tough getting back out there. Decisions, decisions.

Pro: Single – Sometimes it’s good to take calculated risks & sometimes it’s not. Staying single works better for some people and is less emotionally taxing than to get married and not have it work out.

Con: Single - Experiencing physical intimacy with several different men can be risky! A definite downside to being single is that you need to make sure that you take safety precautions at all times.

Pro: Divorced - You at least made an attempt at finding true love and building a life with someone, which is more than a lot of women will ever get the opportunity to do.

Con: Divorced – You may be emotionally unavailable making it tougher for someone else to come into your life. Whether the divorce was your fault or not, picking the wrong mate can make you question future relationship decisions.

So, is it really better to have never been married at all or is it better to have at least attempted marriage even if you failed? We can’t always avoid these life situations so just do the best you can with the decision you’ve made, whether it be as a single woman or as a divorcee. As a good friend once told me “One lifestyle is not better than the other – they are just different.”