Mountain Ranges of Idaho | Page 13

of U . S . settlement . The Bitterroots are nearby and extend over into Montana , named after its state flower , a small pink beauty found throughout the peaks .
The snowmobiling , the hiking , the snowshoeing , the lake-swimming , the sledding , and the adventuring all provide endless enjoyment throughout Idaho ’ s mountain ranges . One of the most popular and famous mountain ranges in Idaho is the Sawtooth Mountain range , named for the jagged outline it leaves against the sky . Lodges and cabins are scattered throughout the forests without crowding . The range is filled with hundreds of lakes formed from the ice age glaciers that have resided there for thousands of years . While not the tallest mountain range in Idaho , the Sawtooth Range has an extremely large quantity of high peaks , with 57 peaks ranging from 10,000-10,751 feet , and 77 from 9,000-10,000 feet . Thompson Peak is the tallest in the range , and is easily seen from Highway 21 and 75 and is accessible from a trailhead starting at Redfish Lake . The other 40 trails traveling through the Sawtooths are traversed on foot and horseback by campers and day hikers alike .
While some mountains straddle the state border with Idaho ’ s eastern neighbors , that does nothing to hinder the views readily available to Idaho ’ s adventurers . The Tetons have a world-famous skyline ridge rising sharply from 4,000 to 7,000 feet in elevation . It is a younger range , formed along a famous fault line and adjacent to the Snake River . The drama of its profile is amplified by how sharply the range starts , as the valley below does not include foothills or lower alps to ease into the slope . Southern Idaho still boasts epic peaks , even though it is interspersed with more farmland .
Idaho ’ s panhandle shape is reminiscent of the history of its prominent mining industry at the state ’ s formation . The mountains provided home to its gems and gold , while also sheltering some of the nation ’ s most adventurous pioneers in their elegant , snowcapped beauty . The striking views , clear water , blue skies , huckleberry-laden valleys , and Syringa-rich mountains are home and haven to the most fortunate residents .