Mountain Ranges of Idaho | Page 11

there are an abundance of peaks and valleys both surrounding and throughout the entirety of the state . Alpine lakes , fishing , whitewater rafting , mining , and lumber camps line the rivers and hills and dot the countryside . Recordsetting fish have been pulled from Northern Idaho lakes . Kamloops trout , Chinook salmon , Kokanee , rainbow , cutthroat , brook , German brown trout , large-mouth bass , and perch are the most common fish in Northern Idaho ’ s fishing destinations . The wildlife doesn ’ t stop at the water ’ s edge , though , and includes caribou , elk , deer , black bears , moose , grizzly bears , and a wide assortment of waterfowl and eagles .
Central Idaho is home to both the tallest peak in Idaho and one of the longest mountain ranges in the Lost River Range . The range starts at an elevation of 5,000 feet at the Salmon River and stretches for 75 miles . With at least 7 peaks over 11,000 feet tall , any part of the range is sure to impress . Mount Borah climbs to a staggering 12,662 feet , and Grouse Creek , Mount Church , Mount Idaho , Leatherman Peak , and the Lost River Mountain are all nearly as noteworthy .
The hike to the tallest peak is popular and heavily trafficked by locals , travelers , and their 4-legged companions alike . 7.3 miles out and back from the city of Mackay , this wildflower-laden trail draws all kinds of adventurers to the top of Idaho . The range is bordered by both the Big and Little Lost River Valleys running on the east and west sides . The valleys spread out from The Thousand Springs in Southern Idaho , an epic mini-waterfall near Hagerman that gives The Thousand Springs its name . After the two rivers circumvent the Lost River Range , they disappear almost into thin air . The Lost Rivers end as they are absorbed into the Snake River aquifer .
Not far from the Lost River Range , the Pioneer and Bitterroot mountain ranges line the edge of Craters of the Moon National Monument . The site brings excitement to each age and ability level , as all can explore the black crater pits . The monument forms a true-to-name moonlike surface extending almost 500,000 acres . The Pioneer Mountain range gets its name from the 19th-century travelers who made their way westward , with various peaks named after individuals who came across in those early years