Mountain Bike Magazine Autumn 2020

BIKE Sharing the stoke tech MOUNTAIN travel AFRICAN ADVENTURES Mauritius, eSwatini, southern Cape & Karoo plus 3 good reasons to visit Down Under Autumn 2020 WHAT’S THE FUSS ABOUT power meters? BEST BIKES 2020’S MARATHON MACHINES people NINO’S GOLDEN YEAR The greatest MTB’er in history wants Epic #3 plus gold in Tokyo Plus we ta lk to manuel fumic & jenny rissveds R79.90 Incl. VAT OFFICIAL 2020 1 5 - 2 2 M A R C H | E V E R Y S TA G E | E V E R Y R I D E R | W H O T O WAT C H T H E R AC E T H AT M E A S U R E S A L L