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Chairman , Board of Trustees The Most Rev . Allen H . Vigneron , Archbishop of Detroit
Rector / President Very Rev . Stephen Burr


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God wants priests , religious , and lay ecclesial ministers in his Church . As a matter of faith , God wants priests , religious , and lay ecclesial ministers more than we want or need them . The need in the Church today is mighty , however , our almighty God ’ s desire surpasses our ability to recognize a need . Our heavenly Father wants his people to be joined to him now and forever as a people in communion by their actions and the very way they live as his own . Are there more individuals to serve God through his Church ? Absolutely !

The path of discerning a vocation to serve God in his Church has many obstacles from our culture and many distractions that are interior to the human person . A common issue for an individual who is earnestly discerning God ’ s call to serve is sorting through the good , beautiful , and blessed sacrifices in the multitude of ways to live in communion with God . Of course , there are also temptations and distractions . These can distort the good , beautiful , and blessed sacrifices compelling an individual to feel unworthy , unloved , or unable to serve God in the manner he calls into a deeper relationship with him .
Over the years , I have proposed two themes in my seminary ministry to be considered in any discernment of vocational ministry : Do I trust God and Do I listen to God ?
These two themes give focus to our relationship with God instead of operating purely on self-reliance . Vocational ministry cannot be discerned depending
only upon one ’ s self . Consequently , Answering God ’ s Call can only be done by exploring your relationship with God . Trust and listening are key elements of any relationship . More time spent in prayer , worship , and education will help an individual to trust God . In those moments , an individual will discover how God has been trustworthy to many faithful individuals who have come before him in the Scriptures and the lives of the saints . When an individual is ready to trust God they will be more apt to listen to the communication God is sharing with them — his will or loving plan for them . Thus , the answer to How can I trust and listen to God , is to give time to that relationship . Time for adoration , daily prayer , reading the Scripture , and spiritual reading are essential .
Trusting that God loves you and that life with him , even amid struggles , is joyful , or listening to what God offers through the word , sacraments , and prayer , is the key to a life with God and any vocational discernment . We hope the articles in this edition of Mosaic will give you more themes and personal witnesses to consider when seeking God ’ s will for you as well as the good , beautiful , and blessed sacrifice of Answering God ’ s Call .
May God bless you on your vocational journey ! Sincerely in Christ ,
Very Rev . Stephen Burr Rector / President
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