MOSAIC Spring 2017 | Page 4

A Blooming Band of Joyful Missionary Disciples How would you respond if Jesus appeared and spoke right to you: “I want to live through you today.” Fr. Patrick Gonyeau L ike a great red wine aging with beauty, Evangelii Gaudium, The Joy of the Gospel, continues to inspire the heart, mind, and imagination of the Church, and for good reason! A transcendently majestic chord of hope for the New Evangelization rings out throughout this apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis, published in 2013. From its opening lines calling the Church to embark upon a new chapter of evangeliza- tion marked by the joy of the gospel (known through encountering Jesus), to the closing chapter (“Spirit-filled Evangelizers”) that leaves readers riveted, this document is serv- ing as Holy Spirit imbued rocket fuel for any tak- ers interested in truly embarking on the New 2 Evangelization, personally and communally. One of the eager recipients of this rocket fuel has been the Archdiocese of Detroit, under the leadership of Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron. On the heels of November’s Synod 16, in a city on the rise, home to the anointed Sacred Heart Major Seminary, in the heart Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Spring 2017 of an archdiocese whose humble yet bold chief shepherd has called for a total DNA change in the Church from maintenance to mission, the pump is being primed for God’s glory to be manifested in new splendor, as the archdiocese rises up with the true love, vigor, and devotion of a joyful band of mis- sionary disciples. Best of all, we’re not just dreaming and talking in theory. The renewal has already begun. The good Lord wants his Church to hear, “Keep coming, dig in and give me your whole heart, striving eagerly to live in my love and will and you will know my joy and glory.” With the pump primed, let’s look at some key practicalities we can implement in our daily lives to continue to bloom, as Arch- bishop Vigneron says, as “a joyful band of missionary disciples.”