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SACRED HEART MAJOR SEMINARY Chairman, Board of Trustees The Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit Rector/President Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Vice Rector/Dean of Seminarian Formation Rev. Stephen Burr Dean of Studies Rev. Timothy Laboe Source of Authentic Joy Dean, Institute for Lay Ministry Dr. Matthew Gerlach Director of Finance, Treasurer Ann Marie Connolly Director of Facilities Management W e know true joy when we see it. And all of us, I believe, are attracted to that joy which emanates from a heart on fire with divine love. At the very beginning of Evangelii Gaud- Germain Morin writes, “the state of the ium, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis in- soul in the presence of the beloved.” To be conscious that we are “in the pres- vites “all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter ence of the beloved,” or that the beloved is with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to gazing with love upon us, is the source of letting him encounter them” (no. 3). The in- authentic joy. Joy manifests a heart that is vitation by Pope Francis is one that really ex- filled with faith, even in the face of challeng- tends as far back as the Upper Room, where es and trials. And it is from this embrace by Jesus said to Thomas, “Place your finger the love of God that we are filled with joy and moved to give witness here and see my hands, as his disciples. and bring your hand and It is my hope that as put it into my side, and do “The true disciple is you read these articles not be unbelieving, but one whose joy is the and stories about the believe” (Jn 20:27). fruit of charity.” various activities at Sa- The call to be a joyful cred Heart, you, too, will missionary disciple is one be filled with a deeply that starts with a genuine encounter with the Lord. And as we pray rooted joy. Please continue to pray for the with Sacred Scripture, we come to see that it Sacred Heart community and be assured of is God who repeatedly takes the initiative to my gratitude for the many ways you support invite us into a vibrant relationship, one that our mission here at the seminary. brings conversion of heart and ultimately a deeply rooted joy. The true disciple is not Sincerely In Christ, one who is superficially joyful, but, rather, one whose joy is the fruit of charity. Joyfulness, then, is not something that is imagined or manufactured in isolation from the invitation to participate in divine Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness life. It is, as the Benedictine monk Dom Rector/President Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Spring 2017 John Duncan Director of Development and Stewardship David Kelley Director of Institutional Advancement Edmundo Reyes MOSAIC Executive Editor Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Managing Editor Daniel Gallio CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Most Rev. Gerard Battersby Greg Erlandson Dr. Robert Fastiggi Fr. Patrick Gonyeau Adam Maher Fr. Eduardo Montemayor, SOLT Jeanne Robinson Dr. Elizabeth Salas Marcus Schonnop Darci Swisher Matthew Wagner Mosaic is published two times per year by Sacred Heart Major Seminary 2701 Chicago Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48206 313-883-8500 [email protected] Read the online Mosaic or sign up for the monthly Mosaic e-newsletter © 2017, Sacred Heart Major Seminary Designed by FAITH Catholic