MOSAIC Spring 2017 | Page 39

Will You Help to Ensure the Future of the Church? The Legacy Society recognizes alumni and friends who have included a gift to Sacred Heart Major Seminary in their estate plan or other planned gifts: simple bequests by will, insurance policies, and charitable trusts. Many of these plans offer substan- tial financial and tax-saving benefits, often comple- menting an overall estate plan. We would be grateful to include you in the Legacy Society Roll of Honor. Contact Darren Hogan, 313-596-7404 or [email protected] to discuss ways to include Sacred Heart in your estate plans. Anonymous Donors Rev. Msgr. Albert C. Allen † Charlotte R. Allore † Robert and Anne Baker † Edward J. Baldwin Trust † James L. Barrett † Rev. Ralph V. Barton † Rev. Donald E. Bartone † Rev. Mitchell Bednarski † Francis J. Begue † Rev. Paul C. Berg † Doris M. Beusterien † Stanley J. Biczak † Rev. Melvin C. Blanchette, SS Rev. John A. Blaska Rev. Thaddeus J. Blaszczyk † Rev. Robert H. Blondell Rev. Frederick A. Bodde Eleanore Bogan † Russell S. Bohn Rev. Anthony F. Bologna † Lawrence and Margaret Bonnici Halina and Edward Borkowski † Nellie Boucher † Rev. Thomas J. Bresnahan † C. Jack and Jo Ann Brinkman Rev. Msgr. George T. Browne † Joyce Bujak Francis Burger † Mary Burger † Geraldine M. Calvenna Rev. Msgr. Francis X. Canfield † Rev. John F. Child Rev. James E. Curtin † James Damitio Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand J. De Cneudt † Margaret DeSantis † William and Patricia † Dick David and Mary Doherty † I. Marie Donohoe † Rev. Michael A. Donovan † Waldymyr † and Lena Dubriwny Louise DuCharme † Veronica Easton † Joseph A. Ebel † Martin and Rosalie Edwards † Ann Isabel Eicher † Rev. Msgr. Gerald A. Flanigan † Rev. Msgr. Edmund A. Fournier † Brian and Tamra Fromm Alfred and Diane Gade Edward and Elizabeth Goliber † Richard Guy Robert † and Donna Hagg Rev. Msgr. Patrick Halfpenny Most Rev. Donald F. Hanchon Bernice M. Hanrahan † Rev. Msgr. Dennis Harrity † Rev. David W. Harvey Marie Hawkey † Margaret A. Henehan James and Jacqueline Hicks Warren and Florence Hines † John Hubacek † Rev. John L. Hubert † Joan H. Kaiser † Rev. Lawrence Kaiser Rev. Msgr. John C. Kasza David and Valerie Kelley Ralph L. Kelley † Rev. James P. Kenneally † Adeline Keohane † Dorothy M. Kirchoff † Florence B. Klausing † Bernard and Antoinette Knittel † Daniel and Britni Knoerl Rev. Edward F. Konopka † Rev. Gary Koenigsknecht Rev. Todd Koenigsknecht Edith M. Kovach † Rev. Paul Kreimes † Donald Kresmer † Rev. Jerome L. Krieg † Rev. Donald B. Kuntz † Peter Kurzy † Donald and Madonna Labelle † Henry L. Labus Family Trust Mary M. LaDuke † John † and Gail Lajiness Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Sanford and Cecilia Lakin Raymond † and Pauline Leduc Marie Leonard † Raymond Litka † Frank Lukash Cor