MOSAIC Spring 2017 | Page 35

T Setting Hearts on Fire Fr. Michael Scherrey, CC, is the current pastor of St. Scholastica. The large church was built to hold more than a thousand worshippers but now sees around ninety between all weekend Masses, he says. them to happen,” Mr. Trueman says. In an effort to approach his predominately Archbishop Vignron had been seeking African American congregation where they a community to take pastoral responsibil- were at, Father Scherrey spent his first year at ity of St. Scholastica Parish in northwest St. Scholastica simply getting to know parish- Detroit, which the Silvestrine Benedictine ioners. “You pray with them, you walk with monks had previously staffed for decades. them, you journey with them,” he says. Continuing the Benedictine religious or- His own prayers for the parish included der’s rich ministry at the parish was of first which Bible study program to begin with, interest for the archbishop. and Father Scherrey felt the Holy Spirit led “We see the hand of the Lord in this,” him to Jeff Cavins’s Great Adventure Catho- Father Vandenakker says. “We immediately lic Bible Study. Although he had used the felt not just welcomed but energized.” series successfully at his last assignment in A member of the community was installed Houston, St. Scholastica’s parish council as pastor of St. Scholastica in August 2011, members were doubtful he could get more and three Companion seminarians were than a few parishioners to attend. enrolled at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. To their surprise, thirty-one people Currently, twenty-four Companions live at signed up for the twenty-four-week class the former Benedictine monastery and ad- and at least twenty showed up each session. jacent convent on the parish grounds. Six “I kind of twisted arms a bit,” Father Scher- are priests serving at rey admits. “I used, ‘just the parish, Wayne State come for three weeks’ University, and Sacred on a lot of people.” Heart Major Seminary. When the class con- “Our congregation The remaining eighteen cluded, and Father loves the seminarians. are seminarians receiv- Scherrey suggested mov- ing academic formation ing on to the next series They really touch the at Sacred Heart. on Matthew, it was the hearts of the people.” The Companions parish council’s turn to continue to have a pres- surprise him. The entire ence in Ottawa, as well as in Halifax and To- group asked to repeat the Great Adventure ronto, and in Houston. Their membership Catholic Bible Study and let it “soak in,” he totals forty priests and twenty-three seminar- says. “It’s so good,” they told him. ians. Wherever they serve, their goal is “to That core group did repeat the class and make our parishes lively centers of Catholic are now embarking on the Matthew series. communion, liturgical life, and outreach.” And when the parish hosted The Encounter, a “For years, the Charismatic Renewal was ten-week series featuring Deacon Larry Oney hidden away in the basement of churches,” and Gerardo Hernandez from New Orleans- Father Vandenakker says. “We want to based Hope and Purpose Ministries, mor