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SACRED HEART MAJOR SEMINARY Chairman, Board of Trustees The Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit Rector/President Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Vice Rector/Dean of Formation Rev. Gerard Battersby Dean of Studies Rev. Timothy Laboe Dean, Institute for Ministry Dr. Janet Diaz Director of Finance, Treasurer Ann Marie Connolly Director of Facilities Management D eep within every human heart is the desire to love and to be loved, a desire to know and to be known, a desire for true intimacy. But even more glorious and mysterious is the movement of God toward us human beings. This is the encounter between the infinite The mystery of divine revelation is thus a God who takes the initiative to approach deeply transformative encounter with Christ. humanity and the creature who receives As Dei Verbum continues, it speaks to faith, this gift in faith. This Word, sent from the our response to this wonderful gift of revelaFather, is not sent merely to announce tion. “To make this act of faith, the grace of or to declare information. The Word God and the interior help of the Holy Spirit is sent to reveal the Trinity itself. This en- must precede and assist, moving the heart counter takes place in a powerful way in and turning it to God, opening the eyes of and through the Incarnation. The fullness the mind and giving ‘joy and ease to everyone of revelation is thus the “encounter” on the in assenting to the truth and believing in it’” deepest level between creator and creature, (no. 5). Faith establishes a living relationship— and lived within the context of the whole person to person. Thus through revelation, ecclesial character of God comes toward us, the Church. and through faith we “The living God has At the very heart of turn toward God and actually spoken to the Vatican II docugive ourselves to God in ment Dei Verbum (The friendship. humanity.” Word of God) is the As always, it is my mystery of this encounter. “Hearing” is the hope the articles in this issue of Mosaic first word of the prologue of Dei Verbum. It shed some light on this mystery and also is a striking and provocative point of depar- inspire you in your own prayer and discipleture that signals the posture of the creature ship. Be assured of the continued prayers of in relation to Creator who seeks to reveal the Sacred Heart community for you and himself. It is a posture that invites the crea- your loved ones. ture into an intimate relationship with the Creator who, by means of revelation, em- Sincerely yours in Christ, braces the creature in love. Here we recognize that the living God has actually spoken to humanity. God takes the initiative and reveals the mystery of the Trinity to human- Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Rector/President ity through humanity. John Duncan Director of Educational Technology Chad Hughes Director of Development and Stewardship David Kelley Director of Institutional Advancement Edmundo Reyes MOSAIC Executive Editor Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness Managing Editor Daniel Gallio Director of Alumni Relations Rev. Richard Perfetto CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Patricia Chase Dr. Patricia Cooney Hathaway Andrew Dawson Martha Demerly Kelly Herron Matthew Hood Ryan Riley David Pellican Deacon Rudy Piro Dr. M. Katherine Tillman Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron Dr. John Yocum Mosaic is published two times per year by Sacred Heart Major Seminary 2701 Chicago Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48206 313-883-8500 [email protected] Receive the Mosaic monthly e-newsletter © 2015, Sacred Heart Major Seminary Designed by FAITH Catholic