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Approaching the altar of God , the altar in any Catholic Church , is our most routine yet exceptional experience and the foundation for our relationship to Jesus Christ through the gift of the Eucharist . It is the place we receive the free gift of Jesus Christ . How blessed are we if this is our holy routine ! From the altar at Mass , Jesus Christ offers the gift of himself , not a partial gift or a facsimile of a gift , but his body , blood , soul , and divinity for you and me . Every Mass and reception of the body and blood of Jesus Christ is a profound grace , a mighty mystery , of God ’ s desire to be continually present to the world , united with you , and not simply a memory of a time gone by or a passage in Scripture that is fondly remembered , but Jesus Christ present in the world for you and me .

Unfortunately , the profound grace of the Eucharist is not understood or is dismissed by individuals who may gather for the holy sacrifice of the Mass . Is the Eucharist easy to dismiss because Mass seems commonplace ? Or , is the mystery of the Eucharist unfathomable because the most sacred reality is disguised by
Sacred Heart Major Seminary | Mosaic | Fall 2021
ordinary elements ? It is not clear how we got to the lack of appreciation and understanding of the Eucharist . There are multiple theories , but a recent Pew Research Center study on how individuals understand the Eucharist inspired this edition of Mosaic .
It is my hope that the following pages of doctrinal explanation , scriptural evidence , scientific data , and personal witness will inspire a deeper understanding of the incarnational gift of Jesus Christ in the world through the Eucharist . My heart swells with appreciation for the treasure that the Eucharist is for my life . It is my prayer that you know that same gift . Through the magnificent work present in the following articles , may God renew our love for Jesus Christ and increase our devotion to the body and blood of Jesus Christ offered in the holy sacrifice of the Mass . Sincerely in Christ ,
Fr . Stephen Burr Rector / President
Managing Editor Casey McCorry
Creative Director Paul Duda
Contributing Writers Maggie Bickerstaff Dr . Robert Fastiggi Casey McCorry Daniel Meloy Gabriella Patti Father David Pellican Michael Stechschulte Dr . Donald Wallenfang , OCDS
Contributing Photographers Marek Dziekonski John F . Martin Matthew Rich Valaurian Waller
Cover Image The Eucharist , Francisco de Zurbarán Wikimedia Commons / Erik Cornelius , Nationalmuseum , 1992 / NM 5447
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