Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 7

Concentrate on what the ground feels like. Take in all the tactile impressions and sensations you are experiencing. At this point, you can take a few steps, or just march in place. Focus on what your senses are telling you as the energy runs throughout your body. in a few deep breaths and begin focusing on the connection beneath your feet. Now, imagine there are roots coming out of the bottom of your feet. Standing firmly, allow your “roots” to sink down into the flooring, going down and continuing until you are “planted” in Mother Earth. Your roots should sink down so deep they drill themselves into the solid bedrock of Mother Earth. The roots should run so deep that a strong rain/wind storm won’t disturb your perch. Now focusing on your body, I want you to imagine yourself as a gnarly old oak tree. The whorls of age, representing wisdom, surround your trunk which is thick and wide due to the nurture received from Mother Earth. Stand still for a moment and reflect on how calm and centered you are. Whenever you are ready, let your arms wave freely in the breeze which flows gently all around you. Branches full of leaves sprout up and out from your head and shoulders. Allow them to grow upwards. Allow your branches to reach towards the sun and take in its natural light so that you may continue to bear "fruit" – that is, the fruits of wisdom, intelligence, creativity, etc. Feel the energy streaming down from the branches and let it fill your entire body and being. Now grounded and centered, you are part of the landscape which is Mother Earth, firmly grounded in her soils. Nothing can knock you down or disturb you. Anyone wanting to attack will have to purposefully uproot you, and that can only be done if permission is given because your roots are so deep! Moonrise September 2015 Page 7