Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 30

Continued from previous page memories can't hurt you any more... your subconscious can simply let them go. Your role is to take mental notes of these life events and allow yourself to let go of your attachment to them. Looking in Uriel’s eyes, open yourself and allow those memories to be shared with him. Release the disappointment, frustration, shame and anger stored in those recollections. In turn, Uriel silently asks you to grasp his open hand, flame and all. Uriel’s gift to mankind is the flame of pure love. This flame purifies all negative emotion. Be aware as Uriel’s consciousness fills your mind and expands down into your body. His healing flame shoots up your arm and fills your body with the fire of knowledge. As the flame moves through your body, you experience the fusion of the Sun as white hot penetrating energy emanates from your solar plexus and surrounds your body. The white-hot furnace vaporizes any shadow remnants and purges any dark energy hidden in you. Bathed in the fire of 10,000 suns, Uriel reminds you that although the past cannot be changed, the future is a clean slate. Fire-cleanse is the path of self-forgiveness for karmic debts. You are completely immersed in this pure, radiant, healing light. This is a purification of both the emotional and mental bodies and will accelerate your lower vibrations so you are able to begin receiving the higher ideals which Uriel represents. As you bathe in this energetic flow, allow yourself to let it flow through every nook and cranny of your being without questioning. This cleansing has released you from burdens and patterns of the past. You can know move forward on your spiritual path confidently. The radiance will dim on its own accord and you will find yourself back in the open meadow. Having imprinted this experience in your life scroll, you can return here at anytime you need to continue your growth. Before you leave, Uriel has one final gift. Looking deep into his eyes, accept the gift that you see there. It might be a symbol, a feeling, an awareness – whatever it is, you will remember it when you are awake. At that you can journal or record it. It is a message for you alone and is an important gift to help you along your path. Now it is time to say your goodbyes and return back to your physical self. Archangel Uriel is available to help consciously remember your true authentic self and work purposefully through karma. Take a final look around and begin working on your breathing again. After several deep breaths, begin expanding your consciousness, this time focusing on the beam of golden light filling your body. As you come back to awareness, this golden elixir fills every part of you, flowing from your crown chakra down through your toes. As the warm light fills your being and flows out into Mother Earth, you are now reconnected to the physical world. With each breath, you are getting closer to home. It is time to become aware of your body again. When ready, slowly open your eyes and return to full awareness.