Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 28

Continued from previous page repurposed and transformed. Take your time and enjoy the peacefulness of letting go. in the fields and the flocks which occupy the Earthly firmament. Now your consciousness begins to expand. As you become lighter, you notice you are floating above your physical body. In your lightness you begin to notice your surroundings begin to change. You have been transported to the meadow of the Most High. Clad in a flame-tinged purple and gold cape, the first thing you notice is his sword which burns with the flame of a blood-red ruby. Uriel, Keeper of Mystical Insights, is here to help you shift your awareness into a higher realm of consciousness. Speaking to you mind-to-mind, he invites you to join him in the Hall of Knowledge. This pristine virtual Garden of Eden is a paradise of untold delights and abundances. Everything is illuminated by the great golden disk, the Fire of Life which sustains all. Using all of your senses, make this meadow as real as you can. Experience the breezes, the wafting scents of the flowers which surround you. Feel the softness of the grass underneath your feet and its coolness between your toes. All around you are young animals and their playmates the nature spirits. Watch them as they go about the business of beautifying the realm and bringing forth all the goodness of Planet Earth. This is a peaceful place. Now watch as a golden beam of light, becoming brighter and brighter begins to sink from the sky. The beam is intense luminous energy and you must shield your eyes because of its brilliance. When you open them again, you are standing in front of a small gazebo watching Uriel, the Sun Warrior descends. He rides the sunbeam’s path as it slopes it way out of the heavens towards the Earth domain. You are now face-to-face with the Flame of the Sun, whose praises are sung in the music of the stars, the wind-whipped ripening grain Before entering the gazebo, Uriel asks you to release guilt, regret and sorrow. It is important to clear your mind of these emotions as they weigh heavy on your heart and prevent you from experiencing blessings from within. Without hesitation you step forward and notice the light dims sharply as you go into the building. As Uriel enters, his golden-yellow aura lights up the space and you are able to see that it is much larger inside than it appears. White marble floors contrast the starkness of the space. The only furniture is a large oblong table. From where you stand, you can’t see the end of the table as it seems to disappear into the room. Looking around, what appeared to be a small building in the middle of a glorious meadow is in fact an infinite series of rooms connected by a grand hallway. Looking up, you notice the ceiling is actually an open view of the stars in the night sky. The walls are lined floor to ceiling with golden oak bookcases. Wall after wall of