Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 25

talk soul channeled guidance from Spirit: & whispers The story of a King and His Rose “Can you divine the smell of a rose? It’s important,” he mused to no one in particular… the first blush of a newly budded rose. I must own it! I command you… make for me a true love potion!” “Hearts’ desires are a tricky lot, my King. Love cannot always be found so easily.” “I’ve tired of puns and loose riddles. Bloody, pompous fools! “It’s time for a proper wife,” they say. “The kingdom, an heir.” Alas, how am I to woo if you won’t help me?” “In my dreams, there is one such sweet rose – one whose blush never fades. Intoxicating of fragrance, an aphrodisiac surely meant for me. “None has yet glanced her fair face, but where she steps, flowers bloom in her wake. I’m ordering you to create a wondrous potion and bring my beloved!” Locking himself away, the magician finally discovered the secret formula to grant the King’s wish. He asked for and was granted an audience with the King. “Sire, here is the elixir you asked for. However, I must caution you to be careful… There are a few things you should know…,” the magician tugged at a button on his sleeve, hoping the King wouldn’t notice his nervousness. “What? You question me?,” the King railed. “Turn it over! Give me the potion! I have dreamed of this day! I have no further need of you... begone!” Greedily reaching out, the King snatched the vial. Dismissing his assembled courtiers and entourage, he scurried away to imbibe the concoction. Having not heard the magician’s final instructions, the King opened the vial, which unbeknown to him contained a powerful hypnotic. Knowing there would be repercussions from the King’s folly; the magician hurriedly packed his belongings and stealthily made his way undetected through the maze of hidden passages underneath the castle. Once outside the palace walls, he called upon his fairy friends to fly him away to safety and was never seen again. The King ravenously consumed the bottle’s contents, falling p ɕ