Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 22

Continued from previous page garden re-planting the young zucchini plants. They were now growing strong healthy vines, had an abundance of leaves, and one even had a bright yellow flower ready to pop. “What’s happening with the cauliflower?” he asked. “Nothing…yet,” I replied. “I talk to the plants.” “I heard that’s good for them,” he sincerely said. Then added, “Do the neighbors hear you talking to them?” he smiled. I knew he didn’t care, but he often referred to me as the hippy, so I took his comment as a compliment. When people aren’t around, I tell the cauliflower, I’m not giving up. I have more patience than most. Grow and open when it’s ready without worrying about the pace. I may learn to play the guitar, write stories, try belly dancing, sing karaoke, and finally learn to ski while I’m waiting, but I’ll wait. I thought about something I read in a Kate Rose article stating “a journey … with never ending optimism and hope.” That’s me – never ending optimism and hope. That doesn’t mean I have it all together and don’t need help. Or that I never get down in the dumps, become frustrated or have worrisome thoughts encroaching like the runaway weeds around the garden. I loved how my friend took the shovel the other day and sent the weeds flying backwards. “Take that, negative thinking!” went through my mind in the moment. And it doesn’t mean I’m without a good cry now and then like the other day. It doesn’t mean I give up myself in exchange for hope. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel off balance at times. In fact, there are many times when I’m a little off kilter – it’s just that I’m aware and will wait for things to settle back down. It does mean I remember the quote from Eat, Pray, Love “…sometimes to lose balance for love is part of living a balanced life…” and I remember to love my life whatever it looks like. It does mean even when I get discouraged or feel I’ve messed up, I start my day or my life a hundred times over if needed. It means if I don’t see a solution or think something may never happen, I let out a big sigh, exhaling all my breath. Then breathe in remembering something my yoga teacher said in class, “You’re not stuck, you just need an adjustment.” I start to believe I have everything I need to make it happen and if I don’t, I learn or ask for help. I start listening to those synchronistic moments – hearing a song at just the right time or overhearing something said providing optimism and, instead of brushing it off as a “yeah, but” moment, I stop and allow it to perk me up and pushing me moving forward again. I start to believe I’m worthy of my wishes. A woman approached me in church the other day and said, “I feel I need to share this with you. Remember the song ‘When You Wish Upon a Star?’ That’s what you need to do. Wish, but also believe it will come true.” Yes, that’s the hard part – believing. But I decided I deserve to have my wishes come true, so I bought glow-in-the-dark stars placing them on my ceiling. And every night, I will set the intention and make a wish knowing that anything is possible as long as I believe. If you weren’t afraid to acknowledge it, what would you wish for? And do you believe?