Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 21

Judith Wade is a regular columnist with Moonrise Magazine. A healer and animal communicator, she works in person and remotely. For more information, email or call 330-212-1102 to schedule your personal appointment. the starters were sold out. Looking around, I noticed the zucchini wasn’t the only plant that was suffering. A deer or ground hog seemed to favor one cauliflower plant, as its leaves had been eaten away and there was no head growth. thinking that it really didn’t matter – what’s the use, but a tug pulled me towards it, and the I found myself letting the sprinkling fountain of water run into the earth around the damaged plant. In that moment, I whispered, “I’m not giving up.” Cauliflower is a cool weather crop and planting it later in the season increases your chances for a harvest. So the late start on planting may actually prove to be beneficial instead of seen as being behind. That got me to thinking about my life. Sometimes I feel I’ve gotten a late start on some things but there’s probably a reason for it. Recently, I was away on a working vacation for two weeks and my friend watered in my stead. I kept wondering if he would continue to water the small and holeridden cauliflower plant that still wasn’t showing any growth. Upon my return, not only had he watered, but he’d put a cage around it and the leaves had recovered quite remarkedly. I guess he hadn’t given up either. One afternoon, we were both out at the Continued on next page Moonrise September 2015 Page 21