Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 19

Moldavite, found only in the Moldau valley of Czechoslovakia, it is rare, high vibrational, and the only crystal known to have an extraterrestrial origin. In our grid this month, she is a catalyst – her intense high energy serving as the ignition source for the dynamic energies of Moonstone, moving her feminine vibrations up an octave or two. Wave after wave of reinforcing energy flows through the silver moonlight of Rainbow Moonstone. Twinkling starlight tumbling down from the heavens, Rainbow Moonstone brings wisdom and enhances one’s intuition and ability to fluidly respond to problematic situations as they arise. In this grid, it is a prism radiating out the energies of the Moldavite. Partnering together, their combined energetic signature is increased a thousand-fold. The tiny sparkling Herkimer Diamonds crackle with the highly charge energies being exchanged between the Chrysocolla/Galena and Verdite pairs. Unusually clear, these double terminated quartz points pack a punch, Concentrating the energy being magnified and radiated. The Chrysocolla/Galena, representing the deep spiritual signature of the Amazon – fierce, feminine Warrior Goddesses of the highest order. They are sharing their confidence, strength and powerful awareness in the face of adversity. Steel wrapped in velvet, they resonate with a stabilizing inner strength to stand tall and maintain the integrity of your goals. Chrysocolla, a member of the Copper family, is a good, supportive resonator of the energy in the grid, strengthening the signal out to the Herkimers. Verdite, as a reflective crystal in the Mica family, will help you to gently take in these waves of energy in a constant, gentle flow so you don’t get overloaded, allowing time for integration with your physical body to occur. At the same time, you will assimilate new knowledge as part of the healing. Moonrise September 2015 Page 19