Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 18

Continued from page 19 Cosmic Star Meta-Blast... Following on the heels of the fiery lunar month we’ve just completed. There were lots of energies circulating last month, with some being too “hot” to touch. The good news is, we’re almost to the Fall Equinox, passing through a Solar Eclipse (on September 13th) and then things will begin to level off and cooler heads will prevail. I spent a lot of time meditating and my guides directed me to combine some powerful stones and produce this cosmic star blast of healing. This moon cycle, we are blessed to experience a download from the Heavens! Usually, it’s my guides who direct me to putting the patterns together, but this time, I felt a real connection to the Star Beings who wanted this healing grid to act like an ancient star falling to Earth and hitting our atmosphere, shattering and spreading waves of stardust. This stardust is in fact emerald green healing fire, amplified into undulations of powerful 3D space/time healing from the infinite source. Let this healing fire touch your heart and banish any darkness within, while linking your heart’s vibration to the planetary heart, spreading the healing worldwide. From the sanctuaries of Somerset, Dorset and Glastonbury, England, known as some of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world, the Divine Feminine awakens and begins to spin her beautiful heart song energy web out into the world. Archangel Raphael, has also sent a special message via his Flame of Truth to support the energies you have devoted to following your life path. He reminds you to purify your thoughts and align them with your heart’s passion. Heal the pain you carry within and allow it to be purged as the stardust scours away the debris of lost relationships, empty pain, and other unnecessary energy suckers. As your heart is purified, it joins the celestial chain linked to the planetary heart. Further, as the many hearts link together, the ripple affect spreads outward and continues ad infinitum. Note: All I grids I share with you are unique and one of a kind. They are given to me to help you along your transformational journey. Their healing intention is is reinforced and enhanced to ensure everyone viewing online or in print can experience the healing energies. These are new experiences and new energies for a new time. Please enjoy and use them wisely.