Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 13

not quite doctor doolittle... And no, I can’t really talk to the animals, but they certainly have a lot to say to me. Lately, I’ve been visited by a number of members from the animal kingdom. Almost every day, I am greeted by a small pack of deer who congregate off the side of the road I travel. Some mornings, they come so close as to make eye contact. Other days, they acknowledge my presence and then return to their grazing. Even stranger are the mornings when they come right up to the roadside and wait for me to “speak” to them. As I slow my vehicle to acknowledge their presence, they patiently step back from the edge of the roadway and watch me, maintaining eye contact, until I pass. Inevitably, there is at least one who will wait for me to turn my head in a parting glance, as if to say “goodbye’. Most often they are a pack of females and young. Occasionally, I’ve been granted audience with an elder buck who stands tall in the field, watching me watch him. Since this was happening over and over again, I decided it was time to figure out what messages they were sending me and what I should really be paying attention to. To me, they are reminders that I live in grace. Their gentle energy calms me when I find myself having a stressful day and I am soothed by their presence. They are cues that dignity and integrity are important and must be incorporated into my daily actions. Occasionally, my old friend hawk soars high overhead. He’s been enjoying the summer thermals here at mile high, so I don’t see him as much as I used to. When he deigns to say “hello”, I know he wants me to be at my best – to look sharp and pay attention to details and keep my senses heightened to see what is unseen and to be prepared to surgically strike – quick and well-timed. Blessed by the sacred energies of the animal realm, I am at peace with the worldly goingson and accept that everything happens in natural time, and there is no need for me to allow my personal energies to be bound up in politicking, gossip or any other type of malevolent behavior. With the totems, there is never a sharp rebuke, rather only gentle nudges to follow the path of compassion, reflective of my higher spiritual practice. They encourage me to walk my walk, and talk my talk – physical reminders that my words and actions must always be consistent. Moonrise Animals are also great energy for problem solving, as they watch to make sure my instincts are sharp and well-honed instruments. Under their tutelage, I don’t need any other tools at this time, other than the ones I’ve been blessed to master as I continue along my path. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s just about paying attention and being open to new life experiences. September 2015 Page 13