Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 - September 13, 2015 - Page 12

Continued from previous page • If you’ve run into obstacles, how have you dealt with them? • What progress have you made? • What setbacks (learning opportunities) have you embraced? • Have you been adjusting and finetuning your goals as you go? Once you’ve done a proper looking back, it’s time to reaffirm your intentions so you are back on track. Don’t forget to take time to breathe and clear yourself – going through back to back eclipses (a partial solar on the 13th and a total lunar on the 28th) – will have even the best among us off-kilter. The solar eclipse is happening at just the right time, coinciding with the new moon, to turn the tide and get you back on track. This is the fourth eclipse of what’s called a Tetrad, which began in April 2014. Just like the kids returning to school after Labor Day, if you’ve been sloughing off over the summer, it’s time to put those idle days into perspective and return your attention to the opportunities ahead. This cycle is all about getting in tune with your own vibe. It’s time to round up your own high-energy tribe to collaborate and expand upon the work you’ve been doing. This is going to become more important as the shift to introspective natural time happens. By the time the Fall Equinox occurs on the 21st, your body should begin feeling the internal shift, as light diminishes, and the shifting winds begin to howl and call in the Winter spirits. It is time to work on stoking and maintaining your internal fire, as the nights will grow longer and the days cooler. We won’t go further into that, as there is plenty of time ahead to explore those themes. Right now, you should focus your actions on organizing, releasing and finetuning. Work with the ebb and flow between the two eclipses, always mindful. This partial eclipse (September 13th) is one of those occasions when the Universe gives you a second chance. With the moon moving between the Sun and the Earth, it’s an unheralded opportunity to make a clean break with summer, using this fresh start the eclipse is providing to re-engage. Let your dreams and aspirations get supercharged with the energy of 10,000 suns as the eclipse tears through the fabric of time, allowing the subconscious to bec