Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine Volume 1, Number 11 - January 9, 2016 | Page 2

M There’s Power in the And so we meet again! OONRISE! So far, this month has been a perfect trifecta - winter arriving in all her glory; folks are recuperating from holiday hangovers and, let’s not forget, Mercury Retrograde to slow your roll at the start of the year. It’s been a whirl wind which will settle down into some sort of rhythmic pattern soon. To stay ahead of the winter weather, you’ve got few choices. Dress in layers to stay warm; eat healthier and indulge in a bit of fitness to keep your body and mind flexible and one step ahead of the viruses that spread this time of year. To recuperate from holiday hangover, remember to budget wisely for 2016 so you don’t succumb to sticker shock when the bills come due this time next year. Maybe give some thought to becoming part of the arts and crafts revival – giving gifts from the heart instead of emptying your wallet. And while Mercury Retrograde shows up periodically, like a bit player in a campy zombie movie, just relax and go with the flow. Don’t let the retro-phase have a discordant effect in your life. Mercury only slows down so you an take advantage of the opportunity to catch your breath and take your time. I advise taking advantage of these occasional lulls to reevaluate and refine. Sometimes, the best laid plans will fall by the wayside due to Mercury’s influence during these times, but there’s a silver lining that will reveal itself along the way. Just because Mercury comes to an almost complete standstill doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing, especially if there’s spectacular momentum attached. You might not get to your destination as quickly as before – maybe it’ll take you a few bits longer – but proceed carefully and will get to your destination in perfect time! Just a reminder, do what you do best and always do it with passion! Cheryl