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Germany needs 5.5 GW onshore wind growth annually – lobby Germany will need to add 5.5 GW of onshore wind annually – more than double its present pace of expansion – to reach the new government ’ s 2030 goals , the country ’ s BWE industry association said . “ We need an installed capacity of 85-120 GW in 2030 , depending on how strong power demand growth is . We expect the upper end to be necessary ,” said BWE managing director Wolfram Axthelm . He dubbed it a “ huge challenge ”, though one the wind industry was ready and able to deliver . AL
UK to invest GBP 210m in Rolls-Royce small modular reactors The UK government has pledged GBP 210m of investment to develop technology for what would be one of the world ’ s first small modular nuclear reactor ( SMRs ) fleets , with British aero-engine maker Rolls-Royce the key developer . The investment would be matched by more than GBP 250m in private investment , the government said . Rolls-Royce estimated up to 16 such units could be rolled out at mothballed nuclear sites across the country . Each SMR had the potential to produce 440 MW of electricity per hour , enough to supply 450,000 homes and more than 62,000 cars , said government body UK Research and Innovation . The small , modular design of the reactors – with the imprint of two football pitches – allowed them to be built in factories ready for quick installation , unlike fullscale nuclear plants . KP
French TSO warns of winter supply crunch France could face a power supply crunch in January and February due to “ uncertain ” nuclear output , although the risk of shortages in December was low , TSO RTE said . It warned that unplanned reactor outages or cold weather would put the grid under strain . Forecast nuclear availability was low , at between 41 and 54 GW , due to delays to reactor maintenance amid the Covid-19 crisis and scheduled 10-year outages , which typically kept reactors offline for at least several months , said RTE ’ s head of strategy Thomas Veyrenc . LFT
Demand for French regulated power hits record high Demand for French utility EDF ’ s nuclear power supply at the Arenh regulated rate of EUR 42 / MWh hit a record high of 160.3 TWh for 2022 , energy regulator CRE said . Demand was up 14.1 TWh compared with 2021 and exceeded the volumes that EDF can allocate to its competitors – capped at 100 TWh – for the fourth year in a row . Alternative suppliers will therefore only receive 62.37 % of the requested volumes . They will have to buy the rest of the power they need on the wholesale market where French power for 2022 delivery was trading at around four times the Arenh price . LF
French gas stocks sufficient for “ very cold winter ” France will have enough gas to meet demand this winter even if it is very cold , according to TSOs GRTgas and Terega . Allocated pipeline capacity , LNG and stocks were “ sufficient to meet demand ” and would allow shippers , manufacturers and gas suppliers to “ access all supply options ”, the TSOs said in their latest forecast . However , “ with high market prices for gas and LNG and with European stocks lower than in France , gas suppliers must be mindful of preserving their stocks [ to ] ensure supplies for their [ French ] customers ”. ST
UK could reduce gas demand 50 % by 2031 – TSO UK gas demand could potentially decline by 50 % over the coming decade if clean energy-transition technologies are developed at a swift pace , said TSO National Grid . It projected four possible scenarios , based on differing consumer choices and technological developments , with the outcomes of each showing a decline , from 2020 levels of 70bcm / year , to between 35-60bcm / day . It noted the “ quickest and largest ” reduction in gas demand would be a move to more hybrid solutions for heating – such as electric and hydrogen hybrids – in the years beyond 2031 , with any hydrogen used
Red tape is blocking renewables construction – Spain lobby
Renewables developers face an “ unbridgeable hurdle ” as red tape blocks construction in countries such as Spain and Italy , with some needing to outsource permitting , the president of Spanish wind lobby AEE said . The country was set to see 80- 90 % of permit requests expiring in the coming months as the government was unable to meet its deadlines , said Juan Diego Diaz . “ The administration has no means to respond to the milestones it set ,” he added . “ I honestly only see one option and it ’ s outsourcing certain activities , as environmental permits should not take two , three , four years .” However , Spain was not the only European country facing green permitting delays . “ Italy is the paradigm of complexity . Needing 200 documents to get a project approved is totally unfeasible ,” said Diaz . PB
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