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Germany confirms 65 % climate goal for 2030 Germany ’ s government plans to strengthen the country ’ s 2030 climate goal by cutting CO2 emissions by 65 % below 1990 levels , instead of 55 %, said environment minister Svenja Schulze . The agreement also includes a target to cut emissions by 88 % from 1990 levels in 2040 and reaching climate neutrality in 2045 , five years earlier than currently planned . The tougher climate goal means the country will have to speed up both its expansion of renewable energy capacity and closures of coal-fired power plants , according to industry experts . AL
Slim chance of heatwave in Germany , France this summer Germany and France face less of a risk of a pronounced heatwave than they did last summer , when a hot spell sent power prices soaring above EUR 1,000 / MWh , forecasters said . There was only a “ one in four chance at more extended or stronger heat into central Europe , including Germany and France ”, said William Henneberg , meteorologist at the Commodity Weather Group . “ For Europe , we favour slightly above normal temperatures winning out across most of the continent through summer .” A prolonged heatwave is most likely in eastern Europe , especially in Ukraine and south Russia , he added . Forecasters at UK-based MetDesk also see the highest chance for a pronounced heatwave in southeast Europe this summer . JD
Solar eclipse to hit German photovoltaic output on 10 June A partial solar eclipse on 10 June will hit photovoltaic output and see a rise in German balancing
10 power demand , said the country ’ s TSOs . The power grid would be particularly strained when the eclipse hit central Europe between 11:20-13:40 CET , said 50Hertz , Tennet , Amprion and Transnet BW . ” We would like to ask you to consider the increased balancing power demand due to the solar eclipse in your dispatch planning ,” they added . ” In addition to the best possible management of balancing , the focus is on increasing the control reserve in the corresponding period .” During a solar eclipse in March 2015 , solar output dropped from 13 GW to 6 GW within 45 minutes and rose to 21 GW by the end of the event . Germany ’ s current installed solar capacity now totals 55.3 GW . CD
Uniper , EWE jointly plan green hydrogen facilities ( 300 MW ) German utilities Uniper and EWE aim to jointly develop green hydrogen facilities in northern Germany with a production capacity of up to 300 MW . They plan to use wind power to produce the gas , which could be stored in a nearby EWE storage site in Huntorf , Lower Saxony . Hydrogen deliveries to customers could start by 2025 , the companies said . CD
Germany awards tenders to close 1.5 GW of coal by December Germany ’ s BNA network regulator has awarded tenders to close 1.5 GW of coal-fired capacity by 8 December under a second round of coal exit auctions . The three successful bids were the hard coal-fired units – Wilhelmshaven ( 757 MW ) of utility Uniper ; Mehrum ( 690 MW ) of EPH ; and Mibrag ’ s lignite-fired Deuben ( 67 MW ). Closure payments totalled EUR
0-59,000 / MW , the regulator said , without adding further details . CD
Poland plans to cut distance rule for wind farms this summer Poland plans to pass a law by July to allow wind farms to be built up to 500 metres from homes , compared to 1.5km currently . The legislation , which still requires approval from lawmakers , will allow more onshore wind capacity to be built to ensure a higher proportion of renewables in the energy mix of the coal-rich nation , the government said . MC
High steel prices major concern for wind industry – lobby Surging prices of steel and other raw materials could affect the development of wind power projects if prolonged , although the industry has yet to suffer , said a senior adviser for lobby group Wind Europe . “ The manufacturers are already under [ financial ] pressure and any price increases are a threat . Steel prices have exploded over the past year because supply has not kept up with the rebound in demand ,” said Joshua Gartland . According to industry sources , prices for steel heavy plate – used in wind turbine towers – had increased by 60-100 % since last summer . This could translate into an increase in the manufacturing costs of turbine towers of 25- 40 %. AT
Vattenfall warns of early reactor closures this decade Vattenfall ’ s remaining nuclear reactors in Sweden may have to close within the next seven years if the government delays a decision on a storage site for spent nuclear fuel , the Swedish utility said . Depending on the timing of the decision there was a risk that Ringhals 3 ( 1.1 GW ) and Ringhals 4 ( 1.1 GW ) could not be restarted after planned annual maintenance in 2025 , it added . Meanwhile , Forsmark 2 ( 1.1 GW ) might not be restarted after maintenance in 2024 , Forsmark 3 ( 1.2 GW )

Spain unveils draft for auction-based capacity mechanism

The Spanish government has unveiled a draft regulation for an auction-based capacity mechanism , which envisages annual tenders and contracts of up to five years . The tenders would be based on a “ pay-as-bid ” model , where producers stated the price they would charge for the power capacity , while auction winners would receive a fixed monthly remuneration per MW . Capacity mechanisms are seen by industry leaders as a crucial tool for the survival of gas-fired plants , especially after Spain scrapped a EUR 170m / year payment scheme for such units in 2019 . PB
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