Montel Magazine 2 - 2020 - Page 6

infrastructure investment. Publisher: Montel Holbergs gate 1 0166 Oslo Norway Tel: +47 22 99 42 00 E-mail: [email protected] Editor: Richard Sverrisson Copy editors: Robin Newbold, Jeff Coelho Production & design: Ida Marie Reklev Illustrator: Pål Dybwik Editorial staff: Muriel Boselli, Pablo Bronte, Nora Kamprath Buli, Andrés Cala, Marcin Czekański, Julia Demirdag, Christian Driessen, Chris Eales, Roger Fry, Maria Haensch, Andreas Lochner, Gert Ove Mollestad, Mikko Mäkitalo, Sophie Tetrel, Anton Tigerstedt, Olav Vilnes, Laurence Walker, Nathan Witkop Montel Magaz providing in-depth markets. Our vision is to developments and We welcome your Contact [email protected] Average circulatio Issue no 1 – specia Nordic region Triple whammy for prices France Unprecedented nuclear cut Coal Unemployment looms Vol 19 No. 2, 2020 Green transition Brakes on or off? Contact [email protected] Montel product r Montel EQ the platform of energy markets live data feeds, c driving fundame Covid-19 wreaks havoc The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on energy markets, depressing prices, pummeling demand and curbing 4