Montel Magazine 2 - 2020 - Page 14

First word Pandemi As this digital edition of the Montel magazine goes to press, several European nations have eased lockdown measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. The past few months have been dramatic, with historic decreases in GDP, industrial production and the resulting drop in energy demand. In this issue we take a close look at the triple whammy that is affecting the Nordic power market. Mild weather, a huge hydrological surplus and a decrease in demand. How long can the region expect to witness single-digit power prices and how sustainable is that in the medium to long-term? We also return to France and its nuclear fleet. Already reeling from technical travails, fraud allegations and financial woes, the country’s reactors are set to generate record low levels this year. The coming years will be crucial in determining the future place of nuclear energy in a world that will be increasingly dominated by renewables. While the EU is committed to decarbonise the continent’s energy system by 2050, and looks set 8