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Investment guideline conundrum

As we go to print with the first edition of 2022 , the market situation is very much as we left it at the end of last year . Relations between Russia and Ukraine remain tense , wholesale energy prices are still sky-high and policymakers continue to debate potential market-intervention measures .
However , the European Commission ’ s recently proposed rules on whether some gas and nuclear energy get labelled as green investments are proving to be quite divisive . Environmental groups are up in arms , some countries have threatened lawsuits and Green party MEPs want to scupper the proposals in the European Parliament . In this edition , we look at the EU ’ s taxonomy for sustainable activities regulation and what the new guidelines mean for the energy sector .
As last year ’ s wholesale energy price crisis enters a new phase , threatening to drive up consumers ’ bills and put many households in poverty , there are also fresh concerns about the security of stable supply amid the rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energy . In northwest Europe , TSOs warn about the consequences of national decisions on the availability of electricity generation in the region . For instance , what impact will Germany ’ s coal and nuclear exit have on Belgium and the Netherlands ?
Elsewhere , we look at how LNG cargoes have come to the rescue of the UK ’ s energy market struggling with a lack of available renewable capacity , retired coal-fired power plants and an underperforming nuclear fleet . But how long will these arrivals keep coming ?
In a round-up of the key issues of 2021 , market participants highlighted Europe ’ s gas crisis and the impact on prices and volatility , but also policy developments such as the “ Fit for 55 ” package , and the financing of NextGenerationEU . Read on to discover the main drivers for 2022 .
The next issue of the Montel Magazine returns in June .
Richard Sverrisson Editor in Chief , Europe
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