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Simone Mori Head of Europe , Enel Group In 2021 , the European Union stepped up its climate ambition , pushing its GHG reduction target to 55 % by 2030 ( vs 1990 ), in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 . Towards these goals , the EU rolled out its ‘ Fit for 55 ’ package , a policy strategy aimed at transforming the economy through the revision of energy and climate legislation . Within the package , the EU ETS is a central policy tool as the reform positively fits the climate ambition , asking the impacted sectors to do more together with an expanded scope .
Accelerating the energy transition and leading emissions into structural decline can be a success story only by : 1 ) enacting political support and a clear commitment for truly green solutions ( based on electrification and efficient technologies , renewables deployment and infrastructure digitalisation ); 2 ) leveraging on the EU ’ s prominent role , which positions it to influence other countries , and ; 3 ) committing to a just and inclusive transition for citizens , companies and vulnerable communities ensuring that no one is left behind . ET
Robert Slovacek Managing director , Verbund Energy for Business In 2021 we saw a sharp increase in European wholesale prices for energy as the result of the development of world market prices for primary energy such as gas and coal , as well as the rise in prices for CO2 in the EU ETS . This development seems to continue well into 2022 .
Our most important and effective measure to stabilise energy prices in the medium to long term and to ensure security of supply and achieve our climate goals is to focus on the rapid and consistent expansion of renewable energy generation , in accordance with the expansion of transport networks and storage facilities .
To ensure a favourable business environment , we need calculable energy prices and security of supply as well as an investment climate that gives room for innovation . For companies and private individuals , now is the right time to put energy efficiency solutions and the switch from fossil energy to renewable energy on the agenda . AL
Domenico De Luca Head of Trading & Sales , Axpo In addition to the ongoing pandemic , the price rally resulting from the shortage of the gas market - at times in combination with a shortage in the coal market - and the presentation of the EU Commission ’ s “ Fit-for-55 ” package were the energy market highlights of 2021 .
All three topics will continue to play a significant role in 2022 . How quickly can the world and energy markets return back to normal - or will we have to deal with another year of extremes ? And how will Europe cope with the financial burdens on industry and the population that will follow from the EU ’ s ambitious climate protection targets ? These will also raise the importance of the question of how well Europe can cope with the continuing reduction in coal and nuclear power generation capacity . CD
Peter Liese MEP European Parliament ’ s lead ETS reforms negotiator In 2021 , not only the “ Fit for 55 package ” was presented but we also saw a sharp increase in fossil fuel prices . In contrast to what many people think , the “ Fit for 55 package ” is a solution to the problem and not its cause . A small part of this price rise was indeed due to the EU Emissions Trading System ( ETS ). Most important is the scarcity of gas , however , that Russia is using as a political weapon against the green transition . In concluding the package in 2022 , we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels , increase the share of renewables and improve energy efficiency . SH
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