Montel Magazine 1 - 2020 - Page 8

First word Green deal As we go to print, details are emerging about Germany’s planned coal exit. Too little, too late, too costly, say critics of the proposed 2038 deadline to rid the country’s energy mix of the dirty fuel. We investigate the details and suggest the debate is only just starting. And we also assess the way market dynamics, not policy interventions, are displacing coal to make it LNG 1, Coal 0. Energy-intensive industry in Europe has long complained it needs compensating for the cost of carbon in the power price as it, unlike other sectors, faces global competition. Proposals by Brussels to potentially tax the carbon intensity of goods at the EU border could be one way of ending subsidies to industry, though such plans could also open up a huge can of trade complexities. We also return to a familiar subject – French nuclear issues. With several lengthy outages planned, expect delays to reactor restarts and a potential supply squeeze, say experts. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We investigate how Denmark’s wind plans are transforming its energy market and by default also that of its neighbours. Will the tiny Nordic country become a renewable power hub for the region? Wind power is not only booming in Denmark but also in other Nordic countries. We look at what this means for the market and whether opposition to onshore facilities could hinder further growth. The next issue will return in April with more in-depth analysis and insights into Europe’s ever changing energy markets. Richard Sverrisson Chief Editor 8 Montel Magazine 1–2020