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WORKING FOR THE WEEKND RailCam Robotic Systems covered the 2021 Super Bowl Halftime Show using a9-foot tower that could extend to 35 feet , adolly track with cables inside it managed using an energy chain , and aRailTower that could move along the track .
Travisano says . “ I ’ ve been at the Super Bowl where I was lying underneath the stage while they were performing .”
During the Academy Awards , RailCam used a piece of equipment called a speed winch that allows a remote camera to drop down swiftly and stop at a specific height . It could capture the faces of presenters and winners as they walked off stage , eliminating the need for a cameraman to be in that position . Atthe 2022 Oscars , RailCam partnered with colleagues at SpiderCam to pull off a four-point rig , a technique used in professional football games that allows the camera to fly in all directions during an event .
To film live performances of The Metropolitan Opera , Travisano ,
Sheid and Compeau created a custom dolly track system low enough to sit above the orchestra , but not too high on the stage , that was ultra-smooth and quiet .
Fashion shows pose a particular challenge due to their speed , says Travisano . For Victoria ’ s Secret , RailCam caught the models walking at their brisk pace , and could get the camera back covering successive posing models by using equipment similar to what is used to track athletes during the Olympics . They also took high-angle shots of the runway from the ceiling .
RailCam Robotic Systems has helped film several Broadway productions as well , including Trevor and Jersey Boys . Travisano says they provided the equipment for Fox ’ s
live production of Rent , which he jokingly says was “ Rent , half-live ” because actor Brennin Hunt , who played Roger , broke his foot during the dress rehearsal , and the musical could only go live the last 15 minutes . It was the first time , Travisano says , that a production he worked on needed to use footage from a dress rehearsal .
On the Netflix talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman , producers wanted to use avery long lens from the back of the theater , and to be able to zoom in from a long distance while moving left and right . After a cameraman on a moving sled with a tripod proved too shaky , Travisano , Sheid and Compeau provided the needed equipment to handle the 60-pound camera
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