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A COLORING CONTEST JUMP- STARTED HIS LOVEOFART . Anderson says his mother encouraged him at 7 years old to enter a coloring contest , and that she must have been led by “ a mother ’ s instinct ” to know that art was the right hobby for him . “ I never won , but I thought I had talent so I pursued art from there ,” he says . “ That really was the catalyst for my pursuance of an art career .”
Anderson received an art scholarship from Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001 . He studied art in Florence , Italy , and had an art residency inAustralia .
HIS PARENTS SUPPORTED HIS ARTISTIC EFFORTS . While not everyone isencouraged topursue a career in the arts , Anderson says that is not true of his parents , and that they have been “ amazing .” His mother , who grew up in Wayne ,
PICTURE OF INNOCENCE Artist Daniel Anderson ’ s XO Play sculpture will be on display at the Oculus transit hub in Manhattan until Dec . 1 .
is an English teacher , and often encouraged his creativity . “ Both my parents have been supportive , but her being in literature , in the arts , really encouraged me ,” Anderson says .
His parents continued to be supportive after he told them he wanted to pursue art in college . “ Some might say that ’ s being a great parent . I just called that being beautiful parents ,” Anderson says . “ So I was lucky to have had that ... and mentors at
every level .” A strong support system is important , he says , “ because it ’ s a journey , and you never know when you ’ re going to get a break or when your next sale is going to be .”
HE WORKS IN MULTIPLE MEDIUMS . While a student , he says , he trained in different mediums , though it ’ s common for students to concentrate on a “ select few .” He works in oil paintings alot , and in amixed
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