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For over 40 years Rumrunner has supplied the East End with the fine furnishings and accessories that make a house a home . Originally located on Main Street , East Hampton they long ago expanded to their second store in Southampton , on Hampton Road . Now located on the Montauk Highway three miles west of East Hampton you ’ ll find an excellent selection of domestic and imported lines ranging from breezy casual to ironically elegant . Looking for something out of the ordinary ? They also offer customized pieces to fit any room or style .
Need to dress up your lawn ? These colorful Adirondack chairs and not just pretty , but responsible . Made from 100 % recycled material not a tree was downed for your seating pleasure . As tough as they are attractive they will make your patio , deck , or lawn living space four seasons long . 330 Montauk Highway - Wainscott - 631-725-1379 62 Hampton Road - Southampton - 631-287-0583
The East End ’ s center for classic cars is just a short jog down Country Road 39A from Southampton Village . You ’ ll find their showroom is filled with rows of the finest , foreign and domestic cars from the past 70 years . Beautifully restored Mercedes convertibles , one-of-a-kind Ferraris and Porsches , the best American muscle cars of the ‘ 60 ‘ s and ‘ 70 ’ s here for your driving enjoyment .
Looking for a great new summer ride ? The all-new , Moke America is here ! A British classic completely re-designed for 2017 this is a stylish ride for 4 to the beach or club , street legal and 100 % plug-in electric .
Your pet in need of repair ? Their expert mechanics can handle everything from a simple tune-up to a complete restoration . And with free pick-up and delivery from Moriches to Montauk they take the care of getting there off your hands , too . 625 Country Rd 39A - Southampton 631-283-8819
Hard to believe seven years have passed since this chic shop first opened its doors ! Over that span fashionable ladies have found this is the one shop that fits them like a glove . Located at the south end of the Circle , a short hop from Main Street , this cute boutique is filled with fun fashion that are as colorful as it ’ s ever hip owner , Kelly Bogetti . With a sense of fashion timing that only real shoppers possess she ’ s assembled an unbeatable mix of clothes , swim suits , jewelry and accessories perfect for any season in Montauk . Clothes for the young and the young at heart are Kelly ’ s specialty and her new summer lines are sure to be the talk of a town always filled with talk . Cute , colorful , chic , just right for a stroll downtown or a night on the town her racks swim with choices you just won ’ t see anywhere else . Stop by , you ’ re sure to find her shop as charming and irresistible as Kelly herself .
41 The Plaza - 631-668-2422
Now open for their sweet sixth season drop into the shop everyone is always talking about . Located just off Main Street in a charming pink cottage with a white picket fence . Listen to Far Eastern music as you look thru boxes and boxes of vintage sterling silver jewelry . The exotic aroma of scented candles surrounds you as your peruse their selection of Buddha ’ s , incense , inspirational items , Jade yoga mats , Hardtail yoga clothes , Natural life t-shirts , pom pom pants and shorts , books , greeting cards and much , much more . Everywhere you look in this gem of a shop , you will find something unique and special either for yourself , or a great gift . They also carry a collection of Antiques and Collectibles including china , crystal , Wedgwood , and Lenox . These and more have made Vintage Pink a favorite with locals and visitors alike . Stop by the pink shop behind Montauk Clothing Co . and see why this has become Montauks favorite gift shop .
787B Montauk Highway - 631-668-8200
Launched two years ago at the Atlantic Terrace this new shop quickly became a haven for women and girls who wanted fashion they just couldn ’ t find anywhere else . No wonder , owner Kristin Sheller put her 20 plus years experience as a buyer / designer / brander for Ralph Lauren , Victoria ’ s Secret , Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale and others to good use both sourcing exciting , exclusive lines as well as creating unique items all her own .
The result is a great array of cover-ups and kimonos , swim suits and rompers , beach wear and dresses that are miles ahead of the usual fashion curve . Each has been handpicked to present compelling items from smaller brands that deserve to be noticed . This year expect even more with the opening of their second shop at the swank Sole East ! Unbeatable fashion in two spots , that ’ s NIBI-MTK 2017 ! THE ATLANTIC TERRACE 21 Oceanview Terrace SOLE EAST - Second House Road 917-371-3039
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EAST END SHOPPING RUMRUNNER HOME For over 40 years Rumrunner has supplied the East End with the fine fur- nishings and accessories that make a house a home. Originally located on Main Street, East Hampton they long ago expanded to their second store in Southampton, on Hampton Road. Now located on the Montauk Highway three miles west of East Hampton you’ll find an excellent selec ѥ)ѥѕ́Ʌɽɕ䁍ՅѼɽ䁕и)1ȁͽѡЁѡɑQ䁅ͼȁѽ镐)́ѼЁɽȁ屔)9Ѽɕ́ȁݸQ͔əհɽ́Ё)ɕ䰁Ёɕͥ5ɽɕ危ѕɥЁɕ݅)ݹȁȁ͕ѥɔ́ѽ՝́ѡ䁅ɔɅѥٔѡݥ)ȁѥȁݸ٥ȁ͕ͽ́(5хլ!݅䀴]͍ЀĴԴ(ȁ!ѽIMѡѽĴܴ)-11d)!ɐѼ͕ٔش)啅͕́ٔ)ͥѡ́͡)́̄=ٕ)ѡЁ͡)́ٔչѡ)́ѡ͡ѡЁ)ѡٔ1)ѕЁѡͽѠ)ѡ ɍ͡Ё)ɽ5Mɕаѡ)єѥՔ́)ݥѠո͡ѡЁɔ)́əհ́ӊéٕ)ݹȰ- Ѥ)]Ѡ͕͔͡)ѥѡЁɕ͕́́͡͡e)͕չхѡ̰ݥ)ե̰ݕ䁅ͽɥ́əЁȁ)͕ͽ5хլ ѡ́ȁѡչ)ѡչЁЁɔ-é䁅)܁յȁ́ɔɔѼѡх)ѽݸ݅́ݥѠх єəհ)ЁɥЁȁɽݹѽݸȁЁ)ѡѽݸȁɅ́ݥݥѠ́ԁ)ݽeЁ͕ݡɔ͔Mѽ䰁׊eɔɔ)Ѽȁ́͡ɵɕͥѥ)-䁡͕(āQA鄀Ĵ(5хլ!ѽ1՝Ѐ$)Y%9QA%9,)Y9QUI5=Q=IL)QЁéѕȁȁͥ́́Ё͡Ёݸ չI(ɽMѡѽYe׊eѡȁ͡ɽ́ݥѠɽ)ѡаɕѥ́ɽѡЀ啅̸ ѥձɔ)ѽɕ5ɍٕ́ѥ̰Ʌɥ́A͍̰ѡ)ɥ͍́ѡ`Êá`Êéɔȁȁɥ٥嵕и)1ȁɕЁ܁յȁɥQܰ5ɥ́ɔ) ɥѥͥ͠ѕɔͥȀ܁ѡ́́履͠ɥȀЁѼ)ѡȁՈɕЁ՜ɥ)eȁЁɕQȁЁٕ́ѡ)ɽͥչѼєɕѽɅѥݥѠɕ)ٕ䁙ɽ5ɥ́Ѽ5хլѡхѡɔѥѡɔ)ȁ̰ѽ(ԁ չIMѡѽ(Ĵ̴)9܁ȁѡȁݕ)ͥѠ͕ͽɽѼѡ)ٕ͡役́݅)хи1ѕ)5MɕЁɴ)хݥѠݡє)Ё1ѕѼ)ѕɸͥ́ԁ)ѡԁ́́٥)хѕɱٕͥȁݕ)Qѥɽ͍ѕ)́ɽչ́ԁ)ȁ͔ѡȁ͕ѥ) Ցḛ͔)Ʌѥѕ̰)彝)̰!ɑх彝ѡ̰9Ʌе̰͡)̰̰́͡ɕѥ)ɑ́ՍՍɔٕݡɔ)ѡ́͡ԁݥͽ)ѡչՔѡȁȁ͕)ɕЁиQ䁅ͼ䁄ѥ)ѥՕ́ ѥ́Ցх)]ݽ1กQ͔ɔٔ)YхAٽɥєݥѠ́)٥ͥѽ́Mѽѡ͡)5хլ ѡ ͕ݡѡ́́)5хխ́ٽɥєЁ͡(5хլ!݅䀴Ĵ)9% $5Q,)1չ)ݼ)啅́Ёѡд)ѥQɅѡ)܁͡ե)ٕ)ݽɱ)ݡ݅ѕ͡)ѡ䁩Ёձe)ݡɔ͔)9ݽȰݹȁ-ɥѥMȁЁȀ)́啅́ɥ́Ƚͥȼ)ɅȁȁI1ɕYѽɥéMɕа)ɍɽэɽхѡ)Ѽ͔Ѡͽɍ፥ѥ፱ͥٔ)́́ݕ́ɕѥչՔѕ́)ݸ)QɕձЁ́ɕЁɅ䁽ٕȵ́)̰ݥե́ɽ̰ݕ)ɕ͕́ѡЁɔ́ѡՅ)ٔ́͡Ѽ)ɕ͕Ёѕ́ɽ͵ȁɅ)ѡЁ͕ٔѼѥQ́啅ȁ)ٕɔݥѠѡѡȁ͕)͡Ёѡ݅MЄUх͠)ݼ̰ѡӊé9% $5Q,܄)Q!Q19Q% QII (ā=٥܁QɅ)M=1MPM!͔I(ܴĴ)ܹ5хխ1