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REAL ESTATE: HOME IMPROVEMENTS O f all the many elements that make up your home, probably the least likely to generate conversation at your next summer soiree is your septic system. If it does, its probably because it’s leaking onto the lawn and your guests are mak- ing excuses to move on to the next party. Other than malfunctioning or overflowing septic systems are pretty much ignored. That is, until lately. You see waste water is more than a personal prob- lem, it’s a community issue. One that is getting a lot of attention on the East End. Most septic systems are fairly simple affairs. You pump your waste water from the house into a hold- ing tank where the heavier nitrogen rich sludge settles. The cleaner water then flows into large con- crete rings set in sand that allow the water to slowly flow into the surrounding ground. Once the holding tank fills with enough sludge you bring in a pumper, drain the effluent and start again. Well constructed and maintained systems work well, poorly done ones don’t. The worst simply dump harmful nitrogen rich sludge and water into the ground contaminating the surrounding areas. When this happens close to local waterways the re- sults are truly disastrous, leading to algae blooms, fish kills, shellfish bed closures and general water pollution. What sets this newer generation of septic systems aside is the use of active bacterial agents to con- sume the nitrogen before it can be released. The “Hydro-Action” system recommended for this area is exactly that. Instead of a holding tank you have a series of interconnected tubs that house nitrogen loving bacteria in constantly aerated spaces so they can feed on the house waste before moving the cleaner water along the system into leaching fields. The result is a system that produces as much as 85-95% less nitrogen than conventional systems. It also requires less pumping since less sludge accu- mulates saving the homeowner a rather expensive maintenance item. All in all, the best win-win for the general ecology and economy of the East End in quite a long time! No matter how you do it, be sure your system is installed and maintained properly. As with every- thing new, you’ll need a team trained in this technol- ogy to make it work not just now but for the long run. Two local firms are at the forefront of this effort. Riverhead’s WASTE WATER WORKS 631-831-2580 is the local dealer and installer of the “Hydro-Action” systems that are the core of these new septic sys- tems. Meanwhile the folks at Amagansett’s HAMPTON SEPTIC SERVICES 631-267-7515 have spent the past six-months training and learning the ins and outs of installing and servicing these systems. No good in- stalling something this different without having the resources on hand to make sure it’s working properly and effectively, right? If you have an interest in knowing more about this extremely important issue call either firm and they’ll be happy to walk you through the process. HELP IS AT HAND! A s we go to press the Town of East Hamp- ton is making official its commitment to see more ecologically efficient septic systems installed here. As of January 1, all new construction and large expansions will require septic systems that can deliver maximum efficiency. Second, and more importantly, they will grant up to $16,000 for replacing older systems in the most sensitive areas throughout the Town and up to $10,000 for those in less sensitive ones. This, in addition to similar grants available through Suffolk County should get the ball rolling quickly on replacing old, harmful systems with the latest, green technology. To find out more call the TOWN BUILDING DEPARTMENT (631-324-4145). N e w Yo r k S t a t e l i c e n s e d t i c k - c o n t r o l s p e c i a l i s t s offering alternatives to harsh pesticides. Protect your family against Ticks and Mosquitos. Did you know that approximately 70% of people who contract Lyme disease each year are bitten by ticks in their very own yard? Who knows how many dangerous, disease-carrying deer ticks are hidden in tall grass in your yard? Especially this summer, when — according to scientists — the tick population is expected to explode! That’s why, for more than 20 years, we Kids have provided the most effective, for environmentally-responsible tick prevention program possible. And if you’re planning an out- door party, don’t let mosquitos ruin it. Protect yourself, your family and your guests with and Pets a safe, effective party spray that uses no toxic chemicals. So don’t take a chance, call us today for a free estimate. TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR SEPTIC SYSTEM we proudly help keep montauk’s roads clean and pristine. 6 3 1 East Hampton 324-9700 6 6 3 3 1 1 Southampton 287-9700 p ro u d s u p p o r t e r August 2017 | Montauk / Hampton Life | 79