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REAL ESTATE: HOME IMPROVEMENTS how you close your pool is almost more impor- tant than how you open or maintain it during the season. That’s because a poorly prepared pool can take a beating over a severe winter. The result is dam- age that costs far more to correct in the following season than the cost of the closing itself! So, be sure to bring in the best if you want a trouble-free pool in 2018. In the Hampton proper there’s no better firm than SPARKLING POOLS 631-725-3983. Since 1986 they’ve built a reputation as the premier pool and spa firm on the East End with over 1000 clients from Southampton to Amagansett. Wheth- er you need to maintain an existing pool or spa or build a new one, they have the talent, exper- tise and time to execute your plan to perfection. You’ll find them in Southampton Village on Hamp- ton Road, next to their brand-new showroom for HARBOR HOT TUBS. If you’re in the very east end of the East End and need anything pool or spa related there’s one place to call. J&P POOLS 631-668-7665 is with- out a doubt Montauk’s best and largest pool com- pany. With over two decades of experience in this unique micro-market there’s nothing they don’t know about keeping you pool or spa pristine in these more challenging conditions. Looking to build a new pool or add a spa? From permits to completion they are experts at both gunite and vinyl pools installations. to respond? Fact is, it can be chaos or comfort. Make sure it’s the second by hiring a seasoned, professional, local home watching compa ny like GRIFFITHS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 631- 377-9866. They’ll be your eyes and ears, making sure your home is safe and secure in times good or bad. HOME  HELP!! Since so many home owners are away from their homes for days, weeks even months what happens when trouble strikes and they’re not here A PLAGUE OF PESTS! F rom the sounds of some of my neighbors you’d think it was the Chinese year of the Rat. Or more precisely, the vole. Close cousins to mice, these 3-5 inch rodents have become the bane of many an East End home- owner. First, because they are voracious, and target anything that grows from flowers and plants to small trees and shrubs. Second, they are prodigious breeders. A single mating pair can produce up to 100 more little voles a season! Living in underground bunkers with multiple chambers and tunnels they are very hard to eliminate. And once established they can do tens of thousands of dollars of damage in a single summer. You can try home remedies but the best and most effective solution is an expert like TWIN FORKS PEST CONTROL 631-324-9020/631-287-9020. Ready, willing and able to rid you of voles, moles, rats or any rodent they’ll design a plan suited to your particular needs. As for smaller problem, they’ve got that covered, too. Bed bugs bugging you? They’ll wipe them out! Ants in the pants? They’ll shoo them away! Mice in the basement? They’ll vacate them! Cockroaches dining in? They’ll show them the door! exper ts about what bugs you... Carpet Beetles Crickets Carpenter Ants Bed Bugs Rodents Centipedes Millipedes Moles... W e focus on pest problems common to eastern LI: rodent elimination; general spider and insect control; stinging-insect prevention treatments and nest removal; bed bug treatments; bat removal; vole and mole control; cockroach treat- ments and much, much more: spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, fleas, wasps, bees, pantry pests, termites or rodents — we have the expertise, experience and advanced solutions to rid you of these pests. Even if you don’t have an immediate issue, we offer a free, no-obligation, thorough, whole-house pest inspection.* This free inspection will let you know if you have any pest problems or potential problems. At the very least, it will give you peace of mind. So don’t let any creepy crawlies bug you, call us today to find out how we can fix your pest problem. EAST HAMPTON 631·324·9020 FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THAT BUGS YOU * WE HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON ( THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF FREE PEST INSPECTIONS AVAILABLE , SO DON ’ T WAIT ) August 2017 | Montauk / Hampton Life | 77