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Over the past dozen years the night life spotlight has fallen squarely on this most easterly Hampton village . And with the summer of 2017 well under way you know the party here is hot , hot , hot !! With many a watering hole perfect for kicking up your heels you are sure to find the room that best suits your tastes in this collection .

They don ’ t call it a gig shack for nothing , my man . Whether it ’ s an impromptu performance by a friend or a full blown appearance by one of the area ’ s best troubadours there ’ s almost always live music at this popular Main Street spot . Jazz , blues , folk , rock or hop the Shack has a sound fit just for you . Drop by for lunch or dinner and stay for a pop at the bar or a sidewalk table you ’ ll find yourself in comfortable surroundings with familiar faces .
782 Main Street - 631-668-2727
Located on Edgemere Road just a mile north of Main Street , this Mediterranean bistro has made a special effort to make spirits one of their signature elements . That starts with the imaginatively designed outdoor bar . A circular affair that creates a canopy of dazzling lights dropping down to driftwood and ceramic standup stations where two or more can mingle . While there enjoy a selection of 20 , curated wines by the glass , an enviably deep cellar and a list of signature drinks sure to please the most sophisticated imbiber . 240 Ft . Pond Road - 631-238-5430
NEW ! Just opened in the old , Dave ’ s Grill spot overlooking the harbor , this is as cool a spot as any come to town . From the creative décor ( bamboo ceilings , wild print wallpaper , soaring , tented ceiling ) to the creative food and custom , craft drinks this Eric and Adam Miller creation has already found a loyal following in this town . Enjoy your food and beverage on the always breezy harbor view deck or in the intimate , dining room / lounge .
466 West Lake Drive , Montauk - 631-668-8260
If you ’ re looking for a great view to go with a cool drink this is it . Perched at the head of the harbor with a panoramic view of the Sound the sunsets are simply gorgeous . Especially when enjoyed from the water view bar room . Just sit back and relax with a cold cocktail and enjoy the show , the fireplace and the company .
East Lake Drive - 631-668-4272
One local hang that has remained largely unchanged by passing fads or time . From the room length mahogany and brass bar , polished to a deep glisten by many a bent elbow , to the faded photos of vintage fishing boats long gone to Davy Jones locker this is the real deal . Perched on top a cliff overlooking the bay linger over a cold one and enjoy one of the finest views on the East End . Pick out a vintage tune from the juke box . Rock out to the best local bands in the land . And settle back into a real bar in a real town .
88 Firestone Road - 631-668-5992
This is one of those few restaurants that can pull off sophisticated dining with a healthy dose of swinging on the chandeliers fun . The food , absolutely top notch , the service friendly and professional , the bar staff not simply amiable but equally creative , and the music tailor made to move you .
41 S . Euclid - 631-238-5937
One of the few restaurants actually on the water this natural gathering spot has been a natural home-away from home since it threw open its breezy doors five years ago . Called “ a perfect destination for summer dining ” by the NY Times and “ one of the top 5 water view dining spots on the East End ” by Newsday the only thing better than the food is the after-hours scene . Live music , great scenery , imaginative drinks and spectacular sunsets beckon .
16 Navy Road - 631-668-6868
Now in its third year this casual spot has earned a reputation for great seafood and fish served up in creative and appetizing style . They also boast one of the great bars , with a cocktail menu that will knock your Stoli socks off ! Throw back a few while enjoying some of the best live music in town every night of the summer week .
99 Edge Mere Road - 631-238-5727
It ’ s back ! Montauk ’ s favorite bar is open and better than ever . Years of neglect have been pulled away to reveal mahogany walls proudly displaying newly discovered shots of historic Montauk . Fish and fisherman long gone , homes and local heroes who still inspire , landmarks familiar and obscure that trace the progress of Montauk from casual fishing port to worldclass destination . So belly up to bar and have a draft , bottle , pint or can of your finest . Enjoy Happy Hour every Monday-Friday 4-7PM . Buy a round and sit back and enjoy live music and DJ ’ s every night of the week .
774 Main Street - 631-668-3050
Overlooking the docks this has long been a great place for a cold drink and great live music . With a waterside deck big enough to park the Queen Mary you and the gang will have plenty of room to shake , rattle and rock and roll your self to some of the best live acts in Montauk . With regular reggae nights interspersed with great cover bands , rock and roll acts and some genuine crooners you ’ re sure to find something to celebrate here .
474 West Lake Drive - 631-668-8433
Every town needs a place where , dare I say it ? Everyone knows your name . Where you leave your troubles at the door . Where good friends are always found and new ones made . Where laughter is the plate-dujour . This my friend , is that place . Whether you come in for a beer with the game on one of their 17 flat screens or lunch and dinner from one of the most affordable and dependable menus in town one thing is for certain . You won ’ t be alone . Get your half price drinks at Happy Hour every Monday - Friday 4-7 . Weekends DJ Vinny K and DJ Biggie spin the classic vinyl while Todd the Guitar guy plays Mondays from 10PM .
Main Street - 631-668-1500
Overlooking the docks this has always been a popular spot for a late-afternoon drink after fishing or a leisurely cocktail after dark . And no better spot than this cozy corner of West Lake Drive . Choose from the nautical interior room or a seat at the water view bar on the patio . Both can crank out a specialty cocktail from their imaginative list or just slide a tall , cold beer over to you . Enjoy your ’ s to the sound of some of he best live entertainment in Montauk . A lively crowd of local and new faces all finding ways to enjoy every day of 2017 .
352 West Lake Drive - 631-668-3474
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NIGHT BEAT O ver the past dozen years the night life spot- light has fallen squarely on this most easterly Hampton village. And with the summer of 2017 well under way you know the party here is hot, hot, hot!! With many a watering hole perfect for kick- ing up your heels you are sure to find t HH]\Z][\\\[\X[ۋ QP•^H۸&][]HYX܈[^HX[]\]8&\[[\\H\ܛX[HHHY[܂H[ۈ\X\[HHۙHوH\Xx&\\KBY\\x&\[[[^\]H]\X]\KB\XZ[Y] ^Y\܈BX\H[]\܈[KH܈[܈[\[^H܈H]H\܈HY][XH[x&[[[\[[YܝXH\[[][Z[X\X\˂ XZ[Y] H KM L̍†TԂ]YۈY[Y\HY\HZ[HܝوXZ[Y] \YY]\[X[\\XYHHXX[YܝXZH\]ۙHوZ\Yۘ]\H[[Y[˂]\]H[XY[]][H\YۙY]܂\H\[\YZ\]ܙX]\H[Hو^[›Y[ۈY[\[ZX[ B\][ۜ\H܈[ܙH[Z[K[H\B[HH[X[ۈو \]Y[\HH\[[XXHY\[\[H\وYۘ]\H[\BX\HH[\X]Y[XX\  ۙY H KL MM QTUH\[Y[H ]x&\ܚ[ݙ\[H\܋\\\H\[BYHۋHHܙX]]H0X܈ [XZ[ B[[[[\\\[[YZ[[HHܙX]]H[\KܘY[\\X[Y[HZ[\ܙX][ۈ\[XYH[HX[B[[\ۋ[H[\[]\YHۈB[^\Y^H\܈Y]X܈[H[[X]K[B[K \ZH]K[۝]Z H KM N SUPQY[x&\H[܈HܙX]Y]]H[\\] \Y]HXYوH\܈]H[ܘ[ZXY]وH[H[]\H[KBHܙ[\ˈ\XX[H[[YYHHKB\Y]\K\]X[[^]HM[۝]Z [\ۈYH]Y\ MBZ[[[HHH\\XH[B\[KX\ZH]H H KM M ̂SӕURUۙH[[]\[XZ[Y\[H[B[YH\[Y܈[YKHHB[XZ[\\\YHY\\[HX[HH[[HYYق[YH\[]ۙۙH]Hۙ\\\\HX[X[ \YۈHYݙ\[H^H[\ݙ\HۙH[[HۙHوB[\Y]ۈHX\[ X]H[YH[BHHZH ]H\[[[H[ []HX[HX[\[HX[ۋ\\ۙHY H KM MNNLUTHUHS\\ۙHوH]\]\[][[ٙ\X]Y[[]HX[HHو[B[ۈH[[Y\[H X][H H\XHY[H[ٙ\[ۘ[ H\Y[\H[ZXXH]\]X[HܙX]]K[B]\XZ[܈XYH[ݙH[K Hˈ]XY H KL MNL]X[XZ[YH\^Z[]B\ݙ\Yو\ܚX[۝]Zˈ\[\ B\X[ۙۙKY\[[\\[[\K[X\[Z[X\[؜\H]XHBܙ\و[۝]ZH\X[\[ܝܛ B\\[][ۋ[H\\[]HHY K[܈[و[\[\ [H\H\]\H[ۙ^KQY^H MK^HH[[]X˜[[H]H]\X[&\]\HYوHYZ˂XZ[Y] H KM L LSPTݙ\[H\\ۙY[HܙX]XH܈H[[ܙX]]H]\Xˈ]HKB\YHXY[Y\H]YY[X\H[B[H[[]H[HوHZK]B[[[\[YHوH\]HXš[[۝]Zˈ]Y[\YYHY[\\Y]ܙX]ݙ\[[X[YB[Z[Hܛۙ\[x&\H\H[Y][[ BX]H\K \ZH]H H KM N †HSۙHوH]\]\[XX[HۈH]\\›]\[]\[\Y[H]\[YKX]^BHYH[H]][]Y^Hܜ]BYX\Yˈ[Y8'H\X\[][ۈ܈[[Y\[['HHHH[Y\[8'ۙHوH HKB\Y][[ۈHX\[8'HH]^BHۛH[]\[H\HY\Z\œ[K]H]\XܙX][\K[XY[]]H[˜[XX[\[]XۋM]HY H KM M ]\HۈYYHXH\K\HH^H]]B\[ۙHۛ[\K\H[HX]H[\KB\]H܋\HY[\H[^\[[]ۙ\XYK\H]Y\\H]KYKB\\^HY[ \]XK]\[HYH[܈HY\]H[YHۈۙHوZ\ M]ܙY[›܈[[[\HۙHوH[YܙXB[\[XHY[\[ۈۙH[\܈\BZ[[H۸&]H[ۙK][\[XH[]\H\]\H[ۙ^H HY^H MˈYZ[[H[YYH[H\X[[[HHZ]\^H^\[ۙ^\H LKXZ[Y] H KM LML STRHTTBUHPP[]\YX\\\X[\X\YB\]][ۈ܈ܙX]XY[\\Y\[ܙKB]]H[\]^[[K^H[\ۙHوBܙX]\]HZ[Y[H][ۛ[\HٙHXH][H[Z[YBوH\]H]\X[ۈ]\HYوH[KBY\YZ˂NHYHY\HY H KL MM̍†Qӑ’]8&\XH[۝]Z&\]ܚ]H\\[[] B\[]\YX\وYX]HY[[Y]^Bݙ\[H\\[^\Y[H B[\܈H]KXY\ۈ[Y\\[܈BZ\\[HZ[Y\\ˈ[]\[\ޞHܛ\و\ZH]KHHB]]X[[\[܈H܈HX]]H]\Y]\ۈH][ˈ[ܘ[]HXX[HZ[HZ\[XY[]]H\܈\YHH[ Y\ݙ\[K[H[\&\H[وYHوB\ ]H[\Z[Y[[[۝]ZˈH][Hܛق[[]X\[[[^\[H]\H^Bو M˂L\ZH]H H KM L ˓[۝]ZYK