Montauk Life Montauk Life August 2017 - Page 50

MONTAUK SUMMER DRINKS A h, where did summer go? Less than a month in this brief, breezy season so my advice is to drink it in!! And here’s a great guide to five of the best cocktails to drown your sorrows or celebrate your suc- cesses. Contributed from some of the best mixologists Montauk has to offer we hope you enjoy this quintes- sential quintet.   OPEN ARMS The newest restaurant on the harbor brings the art of crafted cocktails to a new level. Using a variety of exotic ingredients in intoxicating new ways FLAGSHIP 631-668-8620 only proves that there’s more than one way to get a party started! This most popular item is en- gineered by Michael, the young but very talented talent behind the bar. Most striking is the mixture of tequila and mezcal, two potent spirits that compliment rather than clash, here. Add a mist of hibiscus and a hint of lime and you have a smoky, atmospheric drink that you’ll find irresistible. INGREDIENTS 1 Oz. - Milagro Tequila 1 Oz. - Mezcal ¾ Oz. Passion Fruit Syrup ¼ Oz. - Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice Spray - Hibiscus 4 Dashes - Bittermen’s Habenero Hellfire Bitters 4 Ice Cubes Mix the tequila and mezcal in a tall, iced shaker. Add the bitters, passion fruit and lime and shake well. Pour into a double tall Old Fashioned glass with four large ice cubes. Mist the surface of the stilled drink with Hibiscus, let settle and enjoy.   SHALLOW EAST POSSE