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TRAILS OF HITHER WOODS By Chris Pfund O K, in this August installment of the “what the heck is he talking about”, the old pro- fessor has a bike recommendation for you as well as a more serious lesson I’d like you to pay special heed to this crazy, hectic time of the year. Let’s start with bikes. By now you all know I’m a Giant man, and I don’t simply mean my manly phy- sique. American made Giant bikes are my stock in trade, I believe in them, ride then, sell and rent them every day and honestly think they are the way-cool- est set of wheels on this God‘s pavement. Their line of on and off road is about as well rounded as you can find and this month I’d like to tout one that’s gotten a lot of play here in the store and out there in the great Montauk out-of-doors.   A BIG TOY The Rocker is a Giant with a big difference. To the untrained eye the oversized tires may suggest a toy but this is a bike uniquely suited to Montauk. Those 26X4 balloon tires are perfect for trails, road or beach. That’s right, the beach is now your private biking sand box. Roll along the cliffs, pedal along the bay the Rocker puts all that at your toes. Add 7 gears to grind up any hill or vale, disc brakes to stop when you want and a frame that can take a pound- ing if needed and you’ve got a new tool to conquer most anything Montauk throws at you. And hey, this is no plain vanilla bike, either! Clad in khaki, black/green or eye-catching white/yellow and you’ll stand out in any crowd. Heck, its even got a cup holder, how cool is that? Reasonably priced, available for rent or sale, Rockers may be the hottest thing to come down the Montauk trails since, well, Chris Pfund himself!   “LET’S BE SAFE OUT THERE!” Like the old Sergeant in “Hill Street Blues” said, biking is a great way to see Montauk but it can also result in a fast ride to the local ER if you’re not care- ful. As much as you think bikes have the right to the road when a 2 ton Toyota comes roaring up behind you’d better be prepared to forget about your rights and start thinking about your safety. Expect to be cut off, run by, even run over if you’re not very care- ful. To keep the odds in your favor always ride with traffic, stay as far to the shoulder as possible and folks never, but never, ride in packs that clog the road. That’s especially true in the village lanes. The odds of someone throwing open their door as you speed by are pretty much 50/50%. I’ve seen many a biker sent flying ass over end that way and the re- sults can be very painful. Also, stay off the sidewalks. Pedestrians are as much a hazard as cars presenting human obstacle courses you really don’t want to run unless absolutely necessary. You see, I want you to live to bike another day! How else can me and the boys and girls here at cy- cle central make a buck, huh? So please enjoy your day in the seat of one of my bikes but bring it and yourself back home safe and sound, OK? When not worrying himself sick over your health and biking enjoyment you’ll find Chris Pfund behind the counter of his MONTUK BIKE SHOP on Main Street next to John’s Pancake 631- 668-8975. Our supreme leader on patrol THE EBB TIDE & EBB TIDE II THE NEW Welcome Aboard! F UN F amily F ishiNg ! All Bait and Tackle Provided All Major Credit Cards Accepted Information & Reservations 631.668.2818 470 West Lake Drive, Montauk Harbor r vice Full Se r a Y d s r Boat Charte e ir For H Darenberg’s Full Day Fishing Half Day Fishing Sunset Cruises Private Charters C apt . J ake N essel C apt . B ill U rvalek Discounts for Kids, Seniors & Groups Docka ge Availa ble for th 2017 S e eason MONTAUK MARINE BASIN NEW GAS DOCKS • TRANSIENT BOATS WELCOME • BAIT/TACKLE 426 West Lake Drive, Montauk NY, 11954 • Tel - 631-668-5900 • Fax - 631-668-5659 • HOME OF THE BEST CHARTER BOATS Half day and full day trips for fl uke, bass, tuna and sharks August 2017 | Montauk / Hampton Life | 49