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and protect themselves . Watching oysters , digging for clams , fishing for snapper and bass they ’ ll better know the struggles and life cycles of the marine world in and under local waters .
Nothing more fun than learning to surf ! And with so many local camps to choose from , two words of advice . First , every camper has to learn the basics of getting into the water , judging a wave , catching it and standing up . You need at least three days to do all that so be sure to sign-up for a week ’ s instruction . Second , make sure your camp is fully certified , licensed and insured . Here are two of the best in both phases .
Montauk is surf central and if there ’ s one local outfit who can show your son or girl the proper way to tackle the old man of the sea it is the AIR AND SPEED SURF CAMP 631-668-0356 . Celebrating its 17th season this was the first camp on the East End to teach little grommets the basics of catching a wave . Held weekly at surf central - Ditch Plains - boys and girls eight and up learn the mysterious ways of the surf your boy or girl will learn proper respect for the ocean , basic surfing skills and water safety . Weekly sessions run July 3 through August 12 . Small classes ensure a meaningful experience but also limit membership so call today to reserve your slot .
offers weekly sessions from mid-June through the end of August . With small classes that afford plenty of hands on instruction their record of success is equal to any . Have a youngster who wants to expand his repertoire to include the ever-poplar stand-up surfing ? Bring ’ em down to the beach and before you know it they ’ ll be running downhill with a 6 ’ graphite paddle in their arms .
A sport that taught well can last a lifetime . And no better place to learn than at KATE TEMPESTA ’ S UR- BAN GOLF ACADEMY 607-731-1886 . Named one of America ’ s 50 best instructors by Gold Digest her staff can show your boy or girl the basics , tune their technique and help round out their game . Held at the Montauk Downs , one of the country ’ s best rated public courses , kids 3 and up are welcome to join in the fun . Daily sessions include use of the Down ’ s swimming pools , too !
The bond between horse a rider is often compared to that of a man and his dog . Both appreciate the love of one species for another and the dependency of man and beast . If you ’ d like your child to begin to understand that bond we recommend you sign up for Bridgehampton ’ s GHF PONY CAMP 203-910-6297 this summer . Grooming , feeding and

sandy hollow day camp

Serving the Hamptons area since 1969
Family owned & operated , extensive ensive background in education . Child-centered , nurturing & structured . Red Cross swim program , tennis , art , sports , games & fun !
631.283.2296 info @ sandyhollowdaycamp . com
117 Sandy Hollow Road Southampton , NY 11968 www . sandyhollowdaycamp . com
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SUMMER CAMPS and protect themselves. Watching oysters, digging for clams, fishing for snapper and bass they’ll bet- ter know the struggles and life cycles of the marine world in and under local waters.   SURF CAMP Nothing more fun than learning to surf! And with so many local camps to choose from, two words of advice. First, every camper has to learn the basics of getting i Ѽѡ݅ѕȰՑ݅ٔэ)ЁхeԁЁЁѡɕ́Ѽ)ѡЁͼɔѼͥȁݕéՌ)ѥMɔȁ́ձ䁍ѥ)͕ɕ!ɔɔݼѡЁ)Ѡ̸͕)5хլ́ɘɅѡɗé)љЁݡ͡܁ȁͽȁɰѡɽȁ݅)Ѽхѡѡ͕Ё́ѡ%H9)MAMUI 5@Ĵظ Ʌѥ)̀Ѡ͕ͽѡ́݅́ѡЁѡ)Ѽѕѱɽ́ѡͥ́э)݅ٔ!ݕ䁅ЁɘɅэÀ)ɱ́Ёɸѡѕɥ́݅́)ѡɘȁ䁽ȁɰݥɸɽȁɕ)ȁѡͥəͭ́݅ѕȁͅ)]͕ͥ́ո)ձ́ѡɽ՝՝ЀȸM)͕́ɔհɥЁͼ)͡ͼѽѼɕ͕ٔȁͱи)1e%9A=%9PMUIM !==0شԴ)́ݕ͕ͥ́ɽ)չѡɽ՝ѡ)՝и]Ѡ͵͕́ѡЁɐ)́ՍѥѡȁɕɐՍ́)ՅѼ丁!ٔչѕȁݡ݅́Ѽ)́ɕѽɔѼՑѡٕȵȁх)ə ɥeݸѼѡɔ)ԁ܁ЁѡeչݹݥѠۊd)Ʌєѡȁɵ̸(ll=1 5@)ЁѡЁх՝ЁݕЁѥ)ѕȁѼɸѡЁ-QQ5AMQeLUH) 8=1 5dܴĴظ9)ɥèЁՍѽ́Ё)х͡܁ȁ䁽ȁɰѡ̰ͥչѡ)ѕՔɽչЁѡȁ!)ѡ5хլݹ̰ѡչéЁɅѕ)Չ͕̰̀́ɔݕѼ)ѡո͕ͥ́Ց͔ѡݻe)ݥ̰ѽ(ll!=IM 5@)Qݕ͔ɥȁ́ѕ)ɕѼѡЁ́ Ѡɕ)єѡٔ́ȁѡȁѡ)䁽и%׊eȁ)ѼѼչхѡЁݔɕ)ԁͥȁ ɥѽé!A=9d 5@(̴܁ѡ́յȸɽ)ͅ䁡)䁍)M٥)ѡ)M٥)ѡ!ѽ)ɕͥ)!ѽ́ɕ)ͥ)䁽ݹ)ݹ(Ʌѕ))Ʌѕѕͥٔ)ѕͥٔɽչ)ɽչՍѥ)Սѥ ѕɕ)ɥՍɕ) ѕɕ)ɥՍɕ)I ɽ́ݥ)(ո)I)ݥɽɅ)ɽɅѕ̰)ѕ̰а)а̰)̰)(ո(ĸ̸؁ͅ塽ݑ卅(܁M!܁I(ĸ̸)ͅ塽ݑ卅(܁M!܁I)Mѡѽ9d)ܹͅ塽ݑ卅)Mѡѽ9d)ܹͅ塽ݑ卅(5хլ!ѽ1՝Ѐ$)ܹ5хխ1