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The kids are out of school and hungry for things to do ! Lucky for you there are plenty of organized activities for them to do that will entertain , enlighten , educate and occupancy them this sweet summer . But you better act fast , local camps are booking fast !!

For four generations moms and dads have trusted their kids to Montauk ’ s best loved summer camp . Located on the Lake PATHFINDER DAY CAMP 631- 668-2080 treats kids to summer the old-fashioned way with plenty of time in the great Montauk outdoors swimming , kayaking , playing ball , boating and tennis . Combine that with a healthy dose of arts and crafts , drama and special events and you ’ ve got the kind of well rounded experience that enriches a child ’ s mind , body and spirit . Campers can enroll for the whole month or chose weekly sessions . Just here for the weekend ? There are daily membership available , too . Looking to enroll more than one child ? Enjoy sibling discounts for 4 week memberships , too !
Back in East Hampton kids 2 ½ to 7 experience a magical time at THE COUNTRY SCHOOL 631- 537-2255 . Where they are encouraged to explore new activities , create lifelong friendships , develop their athletic skills , work together as a group , share thoughts and ideas and express individual creativity . Their state-of-the-art facilities include a 6000 sq , ft , sunny club house with 5 individual classrooms , gym , art / science rooms and kitchen . Outside are three playgrounds , a sports field , shady picnic area , giant sandbox and a heated pool . Choose from weekly half day or full day sessions . Sounds like so much fun you may want to enroll yourself !!
One of the area ’ s oldest and best-loved summer camps is SANDY HOLLOW 631-283-2296 . Since 1969 the Hughes family and their talented staff has entertained , enlightened and energized kids from 3 - 14 . I should know , my two nieces spent a great summer there in 1988 . Had a blast !! Set on 3.5 peaceful , protected acres three miles west of Southampton Village this camp has a simple , wholesome motto : safety , fun and learning ! And with a cornucopia of camp activities its easy to see how those aims are reached . Campers choose from softball , basketball , hockey , volleyball , tennis , yoga , swimming , arts and crafts , field trips and more special events than days in the week . Campers 2.5 & 3 have half-day sessions available from 1 to 9 total weeks while campers 4 to 14 spend the whole day over those same intervals . Camp fees include snacks , field trips , T-shirts and tote bags . Come enjoy a memorable summer of fun and friendship here .
Also in Southampton FUTURE STARS SUM- MER CAMP 631-287-6707 has developed a stellar reputation through the years by doing one thing extremely well . Creating a fun , safe and educational environment for their campers to enjoy and thrive . Key to that is their meticulous hiring process that ensures that only the best and most passionate minds in the field of education design and implement the drills and activities each and every day . The result is that their campers cultivate a sense of confidence in and enthusiasm for their respective sport and athletics in general . All played with a genuine love of the game !
For generations the initials YMCA have spelled summer fun ! Here in East Hampton we have a wonderfully well-rounded one that includes among other things the only indoor , public Olympic sized pool . Located in the heart of the Village this summer they offer Kiddie Day Camp for kids aged 3-5 , and Day Camp for those from Pre-K through 8th Grade that combine all the traditional summer activities kids love : arts and crafts , swimming , sports , science , theater , field trips , martial arts , special events and trips to the beach . Specialized camps for sports , basketball , soccer and strength / speed / conditioning are also available . To learn all about the over two dozens camps offered go to www . ymcali . org or call 631-329- 6884 .
One of the hallmarks of the East End is the natural world that surrounds us . Miles of beautiful ocean and bay beaches , acres of preserved woods and fields we are blessed with a treasure trove of nature ’ s best . If you ’ d like to know more about this world there ’ s really only one place to turn . Located in Bridgehampton the SOUTH FORK NATURAL MUSEUM 631-537-9735 is a state-of-the-art facility that is our best resource for exploring the still wild world here . From creative , inter-active dioramas and exhibits to live displays of local fish , flora , and animals of all stripes you ’ ll spend hours learning and appreciating the intricate balance that makes the natural life here , a fascinating subject .
Two programs in particular tied to this area will help your boy or girl better understand this world around them . The “ Peanut Bunker ” program takes your kid into ell grass , salt marshes , onto the beach at low tide and into different marine sites every day to learn to identify local marine life and how they inter-act . Their “ Sea Bass ” program will show them how sea life is uniquely adapted to survive


Since so much of summer fun takes place on , by or around the water it makes sense to know how to swim , huh ? But many kids and adults either can ’ t or do poorly . No problem , the ART OF SWIMMING 631-839-7946 has been teaching young and old alike to make like a fish for 35 years . Their fully certified , life guard qualified staff can come to your house and have you doing laps in no time at all !

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SUMMER CAMPS T he kids are out of school and hungry for things to do! Lucky for you there are plenty of orga- nized activities for them to do that will enter- tain, enlighten, educate and occupancy them this sweet summer. But you better act fast, local camps are booking fast!!   DAY CAMP For four generations moms and dads have trusted their Y[۝]Z&\\ݙY[[Y\[\ B]YۈHZHUSTVHST KB L X]Y[[Y\H Y\[ۙY^H][Hو[YH[HܙX][۝]Z] Bܜ[[Z[^XZ[^Z[[ ][˜[[\ˈX[H]]HX[HHو\˜[ܘY[XH[XX[][[[x&]HH[و[[Y^\Y[H][X\B[8&\Z[ H[\] [\\[[܂HH[۝܈HYZH\[ۜˈ\\B܈HYZ[\H\HZ[HY[X\\]Z[ BXKˈ[[[ܙH[ۙH[[BHX[\[܈ YZY[X\\BX[X\[\ۈY 0H ^\Y[BHXYX[[YH]HSH KBLLMK\H^H\H[\YY^ܙB]X]]Y\ܙX]HY[ۙY[\][Z\]]X[ܚ]\\Hܛ\ \BY[YX\[^\[]YX[ܙX]]]KZ\]K[ً]KX\X[]Y\[YHH K [HX\H] H[]YX[\ܛ\[K\ Y[H\[][]YH\HYB^Yܛ[HܝY[ YHXۚX\XKX[[[HX]Y HHYZB[^H܈[^H\[ۜˈ[ZH]X[[HX^H[[[\[HBۙHوH\Xx&\\[\ [ݙY[[Y\[\\SH KL LM[BNMHHY\[Z[H[Z\[[YY\™[\Z[Y [Y[Y[[\^YYH BM H[ۛ^HYX\[HܙX][KBY\\H[ NN YH\HH]ۈ ˍHXXY[ XYXܙ\YHZ[\\و][\ۂ[YH\[\\H[\K\YH[΂Y]K[[X\[H[]HܛXXHق[\X]]Y\]X\HYHHZ[\\BXXY [\\HHٝ[ \][ ^K^X[ [\[K[[Z[\[ܘYY[\[[ܙHXX[][[^\š[HYZˈ[\\ H ]H[Y^H\[ۜ˜]Z[XHH HH[YZ[H[\\ ŒM[HH^Hݙ\H[YH[\[˂[\Y\[YHۘXY[\ \\[HYˈYH[HHY[[ܘXH[[Y\و[[Y[\\K[[][\ۈUTHTSKBQTST KL M \][YH[ B\\]][ۈYHYX\H[ۙH[™^[Y[H[ ܙX][H[YH[YX][ۘ[[\ۛY[܈Z\[\\[H[]K^H]\Z\Y]X[\\[\][B\\]ۛHH\[[\[ۘ]HZ[š[HY[وYX][ۈ\Yۈ[[\[Y[B[[X]]Y\XX[]\H^KH\[\]Z\[\\[]]HH[HوۙY[H[[[\X\H܈Z\\X]Hܝ[]] BX[[\[ [^YY]H[Z[HݙHوB[YHB܈[\][ۜH[]X[SPH]H[Y[[Y\[H\H[X\[\ۈH]HHۋB\[H[ \[YۙH][Y\[[ۙ\[HۛH[܋XX[\X^Y ]Y[HX\وH[YH\[[Y\^Bٙ\YYH^H[\܈YYY MK[^B[\܈HHKRYܘYH]X[H[HY][ۘ[[[Y\X]]Y\Y›ݙN\[ܘY[[Z[ܝY[KKB]\Y[\X\X[\XX[][[\HXX XX[^Y[\܈ܝ\] B[ \[[ YY ۙ][ۚ[\B[]Z[XKX\[X]Hݙ\ޙ[˜[\ٙ\Y˞[X[Kܙ܈[ KL̎KB UTSSTۙHوH[X\وHX\[\H]\[ܛ]\[\ˈZ[\وX]]Y[X[[^HXX\Xܙ\و\\Y[Y[H\H\Y]HX\\HݙHو]\x&\\ Y[x&YZHۛ[ܙHX]\ܛ\x&\œX[HۛHۙHXH\]Y[YKB[\ۈHUԒUTSUTUSBKMLNMH\H]K[ً]KX\X[]H]\\\\\H܈^ܚ[H[[ܛ\KHܙX]]K[\XX]H[ܘ[X\[^X]›]H\^\و[\ ܘK[[[X[و[\\[x&[[\X\[[\XX][H[X]H[[H]XZ\H]\[YH\KH\[][XX ܘ[\[\X[\YY\\XH[[[\H܈\]\[\[\ܛ\[[KH8'X[][\'Hܘ[HZ\ž[\Y[[ܘ\[X\\۝HXX]YH[[Y\[X\[H]\]\B^HX\Y[YH[X\[HYH[^H[\XX Z\8'XH\'Hܘ[H[[HXHYH\[\]Y[HY\Y\]BHHTš[H]Xو[[Y\[Z\XHۋH܂\[H]\]XZ\[Hۛœ[KZ]X[HY[Y[Z]\[&]܈ܛK؛[KHTшSSRSKN KMM \Y[XX[[[[[ZHXZHZHH\܈ HYX\ˈZ\[B\YYY YHX\]X[YYYY[YB[\\H[]H[H[\[[YH][B[۝]Z [\ۈYH]Y\ MB˓[۝]ZYK