Montauk Life Montauk Life August 2017 - Page 34

MADE ON THE EAST END 2 1 3 4 The East End enjoys a bounty from the sea. But we also have a bevy of local entrepreneurs busy making products that are quickly capturing a slice of not just the local market but food and drink lovers from afar. Here’s a sample of what these clever gals and girls have been up to!! 1 Nothing quenches a big old East End thirst like a MONTAUK ICED TEA. Made from the best natural ingredients and proudly produced with reduced sugar this home grown product line has six delicious flavors to choose from: Montauk Lemonade, Black Tea, White Tea w/Peach, Green Tea/honey, Half & Half and my own favorite, Red Berry Hibiscus Tea. Available in most every deli and store on the East End you’ll find their HQ in Southampton at 844- 666-8238. 2 The hippest village on the Island deserves a liquor that can live up to that heritage. MONTAUK HARD LABEL WHISKEY was designed by a trio of locals who appreciate a mouth watering, soul satisfying taste that will warm your belly and liberate your mind. Sold in straight or blueberry flavored va- riety, you’ll find it in discerning liquor stores across the East End and poured in our finest establishments. 3 The healthiest juice in Montauk is made by the MONTAUK JUICE CO. A serious drink that is down right satisfying, each organically created mix is packed with naturally occurring anti-oxidents, minerals and vitamins to keep you balanced and nourished. Find yours at their store front on 12 S. Etna Street. 4 A perfect way to quench a summer’s thirst, SWEET TAUK LEMONADE is the elixir that never stops satisfying. Made locally in four to-die-for flavors you’ll find it in many a local deli as well as at their store on 34 S. Etna a block off the Montauk beach. 5 One of the fastest growing beers on the East End is the aptly named CLAM RAKE. Born on the Island by folks who appreciate a Pale Lager that needs no in-depth explanation to enjoy, this light, crisp brew is made from the best American and European hops and malts for a flavor you can enjoy all day and night long. Available in most local stores be sure to ask for your’s when the summer thirst is on you! 5 34 | Montauk / Hampton Life | August 2017