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EAST END A RT T he Hamptons have been a world-renowned resource for arts and artists for over 150 years. Ever since the famed Tile Club came to East Hampton in 1878. A social group that in- cluded prominent artists like William Merrit Chase, Stanford White and Winslow Homer they found the natural light and unspoiled landscape here reminis- cent of rural France. Inspiration that has brought waves of artists to these shores over the succeed- ing decades. No wonder we have a wealth of galleries and mu- seums dedicated to the many arts. If you’re looking for some of the most interesting this season here is a good selection to enrich a summer’s day. donated industrial space in Long Island City she showed, encouraged and helped pave the way for hundreds of artists. Three years ago she and husband Collin opened their Montauk gallery, a haven again for visual arts of all types, styles and formats. A gifted painter she works with oil, acrylic, tempera and fist-sized pieces of charcoal to create large scale, emotive works in- fluenced by her love of nature, and natural passion. On exhibit now through the end of this month she has created a treasure trove of new works for this show, pieces you will simply fall in love with. 649 Montauk Highway - Montauk 917-828-5776   WOODBINE COLLECTION   GUILD HALL Nothing beats a gallery stroll on a crisp, sum- mer’s afternoon in Montauk. While there be sure to visit a great gallery just off the beach. Located at the very western end of Main Street, conveniently located next to 7-11, they hang some of the best local art in Montauk. A visionary, innovative yet accessible space this month co-owner Kristy Schopper takes center stage with a one woman show that demonstrates all her amazing talents. Originally from Texas she came to NYC 15 years ago and founded an organization called The Space. Working with 100,000 sq. ft. of 18 | Montauk / Hampton Life | August 2017 Long considered the most important museum in the area Guild Hall was founded in 1930 to ensure the public had access to the arts in all its various forms. From its beginning it has offered exhibitions of locally known as well as internationally renowned artists from all fields and disciplines. One painter synonymous with this area is Jack- son Pollack. Best known for his abstract poured works, many of which done in the 1950’s while liv- ing here in his East Hampton studio, roots of those landmark pieces can be seen in the graphic works he experimented with a decade before. This series Kristy Schopper's works, inspired by nature, fueled by passion.